Resistance 2 Beta is now Released?

A PlayStation Forum Uses claims that he received an e-mail for the Resistance 2 Beta.
View the Comment were he shows a Image of beta conformation.

This is a pretty concrete Rumor, still no word from Sony or

Huge News: A new Website has appeared:
Enter the to the page and it confirms detail of the Resistance 2 Beta.


Can the mods add this to be a Rumor and add the Relation to Resistance 2. Thanks

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Mikelarry3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

legit. ill w8 till 2moro hopefully i get one as well

Edit: i got qore the annual one and i didnt get no email. like i said hopefully 2moro

chaosatom3505d ago


btw, the messages has been deleted.

shazam3505d ago

i have a qore anual subscription and i have not revieved the email

tuaamin133505d ago

I logged in with my PSN ID and got a message that I haven't been invited yet, check back later yada yada. No email yet in my inbox either. I have Qore, but I'm not sure if this is another Beta program. There's going to be like 2-3 betas for R2, SOCOM, and KZ2, so there's multiple ways to get in. This could just be one of them, with the Qore offering to come later.

Hagaf223505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

i cant figure all these links out, didnt get the message every one is reporting they are getting.

MazzingerZ3504d ago

Private beta starts now. Open Beta until september. your qore subscription gives you a ticket for the open one.

Private beta tester can't (shouldn't) disclose any information nor post about it(check the link, it has been removed) that rule applies for any game.

The only relevant here is that everything goes according to schedule.

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Fat Princess3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

...Nothing. :'(

Edit: Disagree? Are you DENYING the FACT that I DIDN'T get an email? LOL!

Panthers3505d ago

No, they dont think you even checked your email. PROOF PLEASE!!!!!!

thePatriot3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

becauze u are lying. seems like a good place to go and see if youre in the beta. my friend loged in and got the message that he is in and just has to wait a bit for it to start. he tells me that is both 60 player online matches. online comunity features (wich now curently have R1 stats) and 8 player co op. I unfortunately didnt get the early invite. he showed me the screen with his playstation eye so it true.
btw. i agreed, bublles

Sevir043505d ago

you all should go to the page and click the beta. it'll ask for a your email address, the one thats been tied to your psn account and your password. once you enter, it'll tell you if you have been selected for the closed beta.

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Montrealien3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

I got the Qore and the last issue had had Resistance Beta in it, nothing has changed...says later. And click to approve guys, help out a little if you think the story is good, that is why you are in the pending section right?

Mikelarry3505d ago

a trainee so i cant approve stories yet

Montrealien3505d ago

oh, i didn't know that, I did the test so long ago, I forgot about that, my bad.

thedude1853505d ago

Ok, so qore annual subscribers get premier, early access to the beta, and ppl who got qore episode 3 individually get late access. Looks like annual subscribers are getting the email now, or maybe tomorrow, since sony deleted the post, it must be something good, Good thing i got the annual... =)

Fat Princess3505d ago

I am an annual subscriber and I haven't got any emails yet. Maybe later or something. -____-

INehalemEXI3505d ago

I got nothing. I 2 gets my issue through annual subscription.

jack who3505d ago

didnt u have 2 buy qoue (or how ever u spell it)and the R2 beta was your

Killjoy30003505d ago

Yeah, I think Qore was one way to get in. Or you can register at There's also the possibility for GAP members to get in no problem.