Criterion Collection uses PS3 as reference Blu-ray player

To people who truly care about movies, the Criterion Collection needs no introduction. The company's deep library of meticulously produced and packaged DVD titles speaks for itself, specializing in art-house fare like Stranger Than Paradise, Mishima, and Au revoir les enfants as well as lesser-known international, documentary, and cult films.

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El_Colombiano3625d ago

Well it is in fact a Blu-Ray player, is it not?

thereapersson3625d ago

But it's one of the best on the market in terms of capability and upgradeability

Kleptic3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

apperantly he is unaware of what a 'reference' player refers to in the world of home theatre...or at least what the significance is...

glance through a HT mag some time...anytime you see a component being used as a reference device by a credible studio, whether its a TV, speakers, a reciever, or player of some sort...correlate that with the price and abilities of said devices...chances are they are the best on the market...

PenisaurisDix3625d ago

So the cheap chinese plants can't pop them out like crazy that's why you don't see low price blu-ray players at Wal Mart. Well, the blu-ray consortium is doing deals and we should start to see some soon (I heard Xmas 2008).

I have a Samsung BDP-1400 and it is the suxx0rs. The PS3 is way better.
THen again, I liked HD-DVD fromat the most on my 360, so what the hell do I know.

theKiller3625d ago

because thats the only next gen console with full HD functionality!
its its better value than the stand alone blue ray players