More C.O.R.E. Info Released - NoWay! writes:

"NoWay Studio have released fresh new info in their DS exclusive FPS, C.O.R.E. Boasting an impressive 15 single player levels and 10 multiplayer maps, could this be the Halo of the DS?

This game, until recently, was nowhere near my radar-of-games-to-watch, but after watching the debut trailer and reading about the game, this has definitely become the first DS game to come close to matching the excitement I had for Imagine Babies.

With impressive graphics and inspiration from such classics as Quake and Half-Life, could we be seeing the finest example of mobile FPSing to date? If the single player can manage to not be too generic in its story, and be as good as it looks execution wise, the game would be good. Combining this with the impressive array of multiplayer options and we could be onto a winner."

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Fat Princess3659d ago

He looks like Master Chief lol.

Zahaladeen3659d ago

I don't know... going to have to watch someone else play this before I check it out. Sounds sketchy.

Fernando Rocker3659d ago

There are a lot of FPS on the DS

Aparently you dont have experience with how FPS works with a touchscreen, specially on the DS.

The lower DS touchscreen acst like a mini-mouse, and the d-pad acts like the AWSD keyboad keys. The left trigger is for shooting.

All the action is happening in the upper screen.

So, you aim with the stylus and move wth the d-pad, just like a keyboard and mouse. Much faster and accurate than double analogs.

Try Dementium, Metroid Prime Hunters, Brothers in Arms, Call of Duty... or coming soon Core, Moon, Duke Nukem DS, etc.

Check the video and you can see how FPS works with a stylus... is the closest to a K & M

Killjoy30003659d ago

Never heard of this one...
Wanna fill me in, anyone?
Thanks again, everyone.