UGO: Blitz the League II Hands On in NYC

UGO writes: "Last Wednesday night in NYC, Midway opened the doors for an evening of competitive Blitz: The League II fun and excitement. In the swanky NYC club Arena, game developers and sat down the media to discuss the new addtions to Blitz. The game features much of the same actions Blitz loyalists lover as well as new mini games, new hit animations and simple controls for the arcade-like fun of it's predecessors. And let's not forget the violence. It's more brutal than ever.

Blitz: The League II will come with a built-in audience of followers, and though there are many single player featues, the game shines when you play against a buddy (or enemy). The gameplay is fairly simple with special bullet-timeesque mode activated (during our play through) by L2 on the PS3 control. The Unleashed Meter at the top of screen fills up as you play well and hitting L2 on offensive will allow you dip and dive through trip as well as break tackles. On defense, holding the L2 with a full Unleashed Meter will lead to devastating hits often resulting in an injury to the opposing player. If your player is injured, you then enter into one of two mini games depending on the injury. In one, you have to "juice" your player by controlling a needle and placing it as close to the original injury as possible. Success means the player is out for less plays and receives a stamina bonus. Failure means the opposite."

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