Sony unveils New Hybrid Multi-core Cell Platform

"Sony Electronics is unveiling a new workflow solution for faster processing of high-resolution effects and computer graphics. This new technology platform, named ZEGO, is based on the Cell/B.E. (Cell Broadband Engine) and RSX(r) technologies, and is designed to eliminate bottlenecks that can occur during post production, especially during the creation and rendering of visual effects"

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AStupidXbot3628d ago

I'm A Stupid Xbot, as the Cell gets stronger, the fixme dvd player gets weaker.

zo6_lover273628d ago

Yeah, but it won't make the ps3 stronger.
Not intended to make the ps3 sound bad.

Kleptic3628d ago

I just put my ear up to an empty beer bottle and a Sony rep said they would send this hardware to every current PS3 owner...and its an easy snap in installation...

doesn't sound bad to me...

Egzekutor3628d ago

PS3 doesnt need any enhancements..its already powerful enough as it is.
Developers say 2-3 years before we see some top quality games.. i say 1 year before we see real games..;)

PS3 has been made with future proof technology.
Dont even talk about RAM or RSX because its powerful enough to hold the most graphicaly advanced games.

ThatCanadianGuy3628d ago

I can see Sony releasing a New PS3 model in a year or two with this new "hybrid" chip in it,to compete with the xbox720 or whatever it will be called.

King Me3628d ago

But Sony aren't releasing a Ps4 until they've milked the life out of the Ps3.

Soooo with that said ^,I'd say expect the Ps4 to be announced when Obama/McCain is up for re-election

nomad1173628d ago

You mean when Obama is reelected HA

cmrbe3628d ago

the current PS3 userbase as games that will be developed on these new CPU's will most likely not work on current Cell processors.

ThatCanadianGuy3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Wow jesus christ people,did i say Sony sucks 360 FTW? all i said was,when the new xbox comes out (you know it's coming)
Sony should release a new PS3 (never said PS4) with this chip inside

To counter all the hype that the new xbox would get.

Funky Town_TX3628d ago

You are only allowed to say hail tto mighty Sony. Have you not learned that yet?

Bigrhyno3628d ago

What would be the point in releasing a new PS3 with that chip. It wouldn't be able to do anything extra without making a game not work on an old PS3.

Ju3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Who said its a new chip ? If hybrid means CELL and RSX on one die, well, then the PS3 will get it sooner or later (possibly sooner then later - but they also had a die shrink to 45nm scheduled for late 2008, maybe that's what it is). If the Cell is a different core (e.g. the CellX with DP SPUs, then probably not). More mem and a different clock frequency will not happen for the PS3 (maybe they managed to push the CellBE to 5 or 6GHz now).

cmrbe3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

People dissagreed with you because what you said is not possible and not that people think you are saying anything bad about the PS. Funky Town. Go to the open Zone with that BS.

ajeben8093628d ago

we dont hate u we r just disagreeing with wat ur saying if thats ok? gees y do ppl go all hissy wen they get a few more disagrees than agrees

uie4rhig3628d ago

erm there was this rumour that sony would enable the 8SPE of the CELL inside the PS3 (since its disabled for w/e reason) to compete with the next, next gen consoles

TradingWarStories3628d ago

Hmm lets see..

PS3 sucks Xbox FTW! Sony should boy down to their new masters, MSoft did RROD on purpose because they felt sorry for Sony!.

No game can beat Halo 3! it is the mother of all games, MGS4 and Uncharted Suck!

Fanboy comment OTY FTW!?

Lets see how much disagress I get for this xD

DaTruth3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Cells work together so if Sony wanted to compete with next gen of consoles they would just have to make a game that runs on 2 ps3's utilizing 2 cell chips through one GPU, 14 spu's. and every ps3 has wifi probably for this reason. When ps3 comes down to $150 this would crush any next-next-gen system.

@trading: You will get people agreeing that you will get disagrees.

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DJ3628d ago

For CG Workstations. Then again, it's also custom tailored to work with Cell BE, so it makes sense. I wonder how much memory will be included though.

THC CELL3628d ago

I have a wild feeling ps4 is going to be out of this world

karlostomy3628d ago

the ps4 will kick ass...

but so will the WII 2
and so will the xbox720
and so will PCs in 2011,2012,2013,2014..... etc

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3628d ago

Playstation 4 is gonna reap great rewards from this. And in the future i'm gonna make games on it. IT...AND ONLY IT. I'M GONNA MAKE THE PS4 THE BEST. and Ted Price.

Zerodin3628d ago

Do it like Sony, if you fail, just pretend it didn't happen!

Cajun Chicken3628d ago

Microsoft; XBOX software support 2002-2005.

"Do it like Microsoft, if you fail, offend lots of consumers, pretend it didn't happen and bring out a new one with the number '360' infront of it for no apparent reason!"

jack who3628d ago

i u didnt just say the xbox failed? it fing sold more than the GC

ICUP3628d ago

Both GC and Xbox fail.


but so true . The first xbox came out fail . But lets slap a 360 sticker on there and call it a new system so the same idiots can buy it .

Cajun Chicken3628d ago

It only failed because Microsoft MADE it fail by dropping all support for it after a few years to make people migrate onto the 360.
I'm still scarred from having my beloved console 'canceled' before its time and replaced with a new one and nobody even noticing as if it was plucked out of the time vortex and made it look like it never happened by MS and PR.
The XBOX had plenty of life before MS saw fit to kill it, even canceled its image with one mighty swoop and gave me a FunFax for an interface instead of the snazzy neon green matrix like green menu.
Its obvious they didn't want it associated with the original.

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