Game Stooge Review: Fable II Pub Games

Game Stooge writes: "Fable II Pub Games is a unique Xbox Live Arcade game in many ways. It's the first casino game for Arcade, though Texas Hold'Em is the first betting game. It's actually a collection of minigames from the full game, though with its own Achievements, with functionality with the main game; the winnings you have in Pub Games have an effect with your heros in the game. It will also be bundled with Fable II when it ships, but can be downloaded now for 800 Microsoft Points or for free if one orders Fable II. You can even earn new equipment for your Hero with Pub Games.

The game consists of Fortune's Tower, Spinnerbox, and Keystone. But are they worth the 800 MPS? No. Is it fun? Sure."

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TOM3775d ago

why would you have to pay for it.If you want to play this ,you also want fable 2.If you want the game just preorder and its free.And it also has achievements.HArd to beat free acheivments