MTV Multiplayer: Gamestop: Women's 'Madden' Site Not Patronizing, Makes Game 'Less Intimidating'

MTV Multiplayer writes: "Think "Madden" is strictly for the guys? Gamestop doesn't think so.

On Monday, the national video game retailer launched "Girls Night In," a microsite aimed at women encouraging them to host their own "Madden NFL 09" parties and "designed to help educate wives, moms and girlfriends about the Madden phenomenon."

The website promotes the Wii "All-Play" version and offers football trivia and terminology, tips on how to play the video game and what items they'll need to host their own women-only "Madden" party. It begins by saying, 'The start of 2008 football season is just on the horizon. Are you worried girls? Well now you don't have to be… You can even learn some football facts that will impress the most die-hard NFL fans. So get the girls together, throw on a jersey, and get gaming!'"

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