GTS: Grand Theft Smackdown?

While GTS may mean "Go To Sleep" in a WWE Ring, where World Champion CM Punk uses the maneuver as a match-ending move, it may be taking on a different meaning in THQ/Yuke's Smackdown vs. Raw 2009, the latest game in the long-running and increasingly violent Smackdown series. "Grand Theft Smackdown" may be a more appropriate title, as it has recently been announced that SVR '09 will include an extra-brutal Inferno Match mode, a first for the series.

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drdre743657d ago

yeah this is a nice little match type that needed to be added. I just hope that they damn redo the announce team. Every damn year its the same dame 10 lines over and over again. It really works my nerves to hear JR repeat the same lines he's been saying since like 05 or something.

green-cigarettes 3657d ago

but the nonsense story, dated graphics with the same animations every year with the same scenes every single game!
Unless they change that the game is not gonna sell well!
Trust me, i only watch WWE , every show and i order every PPV
but smtimes like twice a month, i watch TNA wich is the most stupid wrestling show ever! But they managed to get an AWESOME game
at least on the grapichs cuz SVR08 looked the same on the ps3 than on SVR07 ps2.