Strategy Informer: Unreal Tournament III Review

Strategy Informer writes: "Taking a break from their ever popular Gear's franchise, Epic Games has revisited Unreal Tournament and brought it into the current generation. The first Unreal game to utilise the third-generation Unreal Engine, the deceptively named Unreal Tournament 3 sees players once again thrown into fast-paced frag-tastic action, combining a familiar online system with a hearty attempt at a first-person story. (This title is actually the 4th instalment of the Unreal Tournament series.)

Gameplay in this latest iteration of Unreal Tournament feels a bit scaled down from previous versions. Only 6 gameplay modes made it into the final cut, perhaps taking its queue from Gears of War which also only has six game modes. Unfortunately, these modes don't have any of Gear's diversity or tactical intrigue. All-time classic's Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch have returned, along with one-on-one Duel and Capture the Flag (And a spin-off mode: Vehicle Capture the Flag). The final mode is new to the series, and is called "Warfare", which is an amalgamation of the old Onslaught and Assault modes. Whilst you could argue that there is something for everyone here, in reality players are most likely to switch between Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch, with maybe a foray into Dual or Normal Deathmatch if they're bored. With games like Call of Duty, Halo, and even Gears still dominating the online charts, such limited modes kind of stifle the online play. The fact that they've listed 'Vehicle Capture the Flag' as its own mode also smacks of laziness."

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