Madden 09 Impressions

BigPete7978 of writes:

"Madden is a game that comes out every year and is published by EA, everyone knows that. Everyone also gives EA a lot of complaints that they could just do a roster update. Well considering the install base that Madden, NCAA Football, and sports titles in general that buy the game every year EA would be foolish not to continue the strategy that they have been using for as long as I can remember. I am one of the people that is in that install base. I buy Madden and NCAA Football every single year at midnight launches. It is one of the games that I feel that I must have.

I love football and everything about it. I began playing Madden with Madden 95 on the PS1. I have been through both good and bad Maddens over the years. For the past 2-3 years the Madden releases have not been up to par. Things felt like they were missing, and almost like it was an incomplete game. There were many bugs that should have been caught withing testing. While yes I know that no game ships without any bugs, but these were glaring problems that made some of the games almost unplayable at times. So before I get to my impressions I will just say this. With this year's release my faith in the Madden franchise has been restored. EA did football fans right this year with both NCAA and Madden. For the first time in a long time I'm not second guessing either one of my purchases."

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thereapersson3773d ago

The first time I ever saw a polygonal football player on a videogame system. Then Madden 2001 came out and it was probably the most revolutionary Madden game ever made for its time.

Those were the days....