1UP: Bangai-O Spirits Review

Relatively few gamers have heard of Bangai-O: Spirits, and even fewer know what it means. But as a game made by beloved developer Treasure, it won't have trouble finding an audience. Bangai-O is a shoot-em-up, yes, but it's also one of the purest interpretations of "action" gaming in any genre.

Bangai-O puts the player in control of a giant robot (displayed very small), and you tackle a gauntlet of lengthy, spacious levels with numerous turrets and rival robots that fire waves of ammunition. Using your own arsenal, you merely have to survive and destroy all the specified targets. Compared to its Dreamcast predecessor, Bangai-O Spirits is just as crazy with firepower, but it's devoid of the former game's surrealist humor (and story in general).

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