Top 5 Gaming Stereotypes that Need to Change

TGR - "Gaming has crept into all corners of our culture. In Canada, surveys recently found that Mario is more recognizable than their own Prime Minister. Gaming as an industry has become so profitable that it dwarfs both the film and music industries. That said, the public's view of video games, and the people who play them, still tend to be grounded in stereotypes older than Mario himself. Why these cliches persist is a mystery to many, the reasons made up of a hodge podge of backwards coverage and perception by media, parents, and society at large. Perhaps it has to do with gaming's lack of a unified face to guide the public to the truth. Perhaps it's all part of some elaborate alien conspiracy aimed at dominating the Earth. Whatever the reasons, these stereotypes are easily dispelled under a little directed scrutiny."

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cain1413627d ago

Those sterotypes really need to change, none of them are really true.

ChickeyCantor3627d ago

The thing that made me laugh was ....well why do girls sometimes look like fools in pictures/photo's when it's about gaming?.
Why is the woman/girl holding a nunchuck in the wrong hand( maybe flipped picture?).( I have seen tons more of these kind of pictures)

Anyway Good read =).
But i do think it's changing lots more since Interactive Media is getting bigger and bigger.

cain1413627d ago

She might be left handed? idk... I've seen some people hold it like that before. Feels wierd to me like that...

gillman3627d ago

Don't agree with the order, but I agree with the list. All gamers are kids should be the more important one than us being nerds. Probably one of the smaller complaints, mainly because the article itself is pretty good.

cain1413627d ago

I'd agree with you on that, but a lot of them sorta relate to each other and are just a slight variation of the same thing...

aubradley3627d ago

Maybe it's just because I am a gamer, but I don't really see the stereotypes as applicable anymore. Gaming has become so mainstream that it's like trying to come up with a stereotype for people who like movies; at this point the hobby is just too broad.

vashivihang3627d ago

people who watch movies like dark places??

lolwut just kidding.

cain1413627d ago

People who like movies can sit still for at least 2 hours?

thegamereviews3627d ago

rockband and the wii have changed the face of gaming as a nerd only sport :)

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The story is too old to be commented.