APB Public Beta Registration Now Open

Ripten writes:

"Calling all gamers: we have a situation on the internet, all units respond.

All Points Bulletin, the MMO from UK developers Realtime Worlds – the people behind Crackdown, that game that you bought for the Halo 3 beta – is accepting email addresses in preparation for beta testing."

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toughNAME3779d ago

As of now, I am anticipating a...PC game. Ugh.

InMyOpinion3779d ago

I hope they will release a beta for the 360/PS3 as well.

InMyOpinion3779d ago

Funny how they say that. I bought Crackdown because I thought it was an awesome game, and still do. I didn't even enter the Halo 3 beta. In many regards it trumps GTA IV. The fun factor and things to do when your done with the missions is certainly better. The online co-op campaign doesn't make it less of a winner either.

APB looks like it could revolutionize the sandbox genre. Sign me up!

LossTheEarthbreaker3779d ago

Agreed on Crackdown. I barely played the beta that came with it.

killalot1003779d ago

i been looking foward to this game and i hope i get in.

Nostradavis3779d ago

It does look and sound amazing.

rroded3779d ago

ya def worth signing up 4 should be a very good game

Nostradavis3779d ago

I wonder how many people they will let into the beta?