Blow considers rewinding time, removing Braid bugs

Jonathan Blow, the guy who created the game, has revealed there are still 2 minor bugs left in the game. The bugs are a bit too specific to fully explain, suffice it to say that if they hit you it's going to mean a fair amount of backtracking. They don't seem to be especially common, but they're serious for those who've been afflicted. The good news? While Jonathan Blow is spilling the beans, he's also working with Microsoft on solutions.

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DaKid3779d ago

One is you can't take apart the puzzles after you put them together, thus proventing you from collection a star.

thekingofMA3778d ago

i completed braid so i ran to the beginning of the game (the left) and did notice a constellation with several dull stars around it

i had remembered reading about these stars somewhere, but what purpose do they serve? are they all just in the open like the ones i must have found (but don't remember finding) or are some hidden away?

toughNAME3779d ago

Looks like Johhny Boy's becoming the new CliffyB

callahan093778d ago

What? I don't see how you gather that from this article.

Fighter3779d ago

I'm glad the PSN version will be bug free when I buy it for $9.99