DayZ to get predatory animals, including wolves - Broken Joysticks

Wildly popular ARMA mod turned stand alone game DayZ is getting yet another content update. The newest update will include several predatory animals, such as wolves. In a Blog  the developers promise new and exciting mechanics with the predatory animals. Evidently these will include getting eviscerated by the wolves, and killing and cooking them.

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Manubiggs832d ago

Is it still in early access?

mixelon832d ago

Shit, that's all we need! Haha. Everything is conspiring to kill you.

Insomnia_84832d ago

This game gets better and better!

BABY-JEDI831d ago

Is this game ever coming to console ?

WellyUK831d ago

You do not want this game in it's current state.

BABY-JEDI831d ago

At this rate we will be lucky for it to make an appearance on the PS5

ocelot07831d ago

It will eventually. But right now on PC. 2 years later where still in alpha. Also still runs like crap.

BABY-JEDI829d ago

I've watched some Frankie1080p DayZ & seemed pretty decent (but glitchy) if you know what I mean 🤔

ocelot07829d ago

I have been watching Friankie DayZ video's since 2012. He is a good youtuber. Only reason he gets DayZ into a playable state is due to having a beast of a PC. I have a GTX 970 and a FX 8320 (getting a i7 in January). At the moment the best I can get on Dayz is average 45FPS.

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