Capcom "considering" a flock of Western IPs for the Wii

You're not going to see Bionic Commando on the Virtual Console, but Capcom left some hopeful news on the Capcom forums. In response to the Bionic Commando on Virtual Console debacle a Capcom Community member posted the following grievance on the forums, "Capcom, I'm really pissed right now. I want to play these games, but you give us Wii owners the shaft. No RE5 Wii, possibly no Dead Rising 2, no Lost Planet, no Flock, no Age of Booty, No Street Fighter 4, no Devil May Cry, no Dark Void."

Christian Svensson, VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development at Capcom, replied with, "We are contemplating versions of one or two of the CEI titles you've mentioned on the Wii (not saying which), but we'd like to see how they do on their initial target systems before doubling down on additional SKUs"

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Zerodin3773d ago

Now if only Konami could make something worth while.
MGS has made them a console one trick pony.

PS360WII3773d ago

Well Konami does have Castlevania, Silent Hill, Contra, Winning Eleven, Dance Dance Revolution, and many more :)

AshleyRiot3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Hopefully they make ZOE3. I'd like to see a Ring of Red sequel too.

himdeel3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

...on a regular basis then buy a PS3 or 360. Hell buy both! No one buys a Wii to play games...they just happen to have one and get sick of what they are playing...then whine when they see everyone else having fun sitting down on the couch with awesomeness dripping from their HDTV sets.

Those game will only come to Wii after some significant downgrading. Otherwise some of these games this guy is mentioning probably can never be done on the Wii. "Wii would like to play", but their arms are too short to play with the big boys. Flailing baby nubs lol

vashivihang3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

your post was so full of ignorance and dripping with fanboyism, it was cute.

your opinion has duly been noted. now run along.

EDIT: the location of the fabled openzone is that way >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>

PS360WII3773d ago

lets see hmmm if you want the only true next gen console that focuses on gaming rather than trying to sell you a better looking game you played last year then you might as well pick up a Wii :)

How was that? Pretty good I think

Anyway I hope Capcom considers the Wii market and gets some more games out like Mega Man 9, RE, and Monster Hunter 3 for the Wii console.

juuken3773d ago

Whoa, whoa, whoa...the Wii is a good system.
No need to knock on it. :/

Myst-Vearn3773d ago

its different and I agree that some PS3/360 games cant be done on it without major downgrading but its still a very fun and innovative console..tbqh you sound like a nintendo hater who never even touched a wii..

solidt123773d ago

I only play Wii Sports and Smash brothers on my Wii and that's all I ever planned on buying, maybe Metroid or Zelda games and that's it. I buy Majority of my games on PS3 and 360 because I am a graphics whore and you can do alot more impressive stuff on PS3/360. The Wii has alot of fun kids games but Im a grown @ss man. I prefer Mature title games with cool graphics and impressive gameplay and physics.

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LoVeRSaMa3773d ago

Good luck to Capcon on that, i heard Wii market is hard to get into for 3rd party devs.

Isaac3773d ago

If you buy a wii it is either because you fell for the hype or because you knew what you were getting into: 1st party games and children or licensed crap. Should have bought a PS3 or a 360 or both like me.

I am actually thinking about buying a Wii, but that is because there is nothing like Wii Fit on other consoles, at least not yet. And I'm not saying that because Wii Fit is an awesome game, it is simply the only game that sells you "fitness" and "entertainment" in a single package.

I am buying a Wii for what is coming out soon or what is out now and what I know will be (like a new Zelda), not for what I desperately hope for like the idiot that wrote Crapcom about his 3rd-party-less wii.

N4g_null3773d ago

Isaac you have a point you should never buy stuff based on promises. Lots of people don't buy stuff because of vendettas though.

Let capcom keep trying to see what people like. I bet money if the line up of games coming out don't do what they want them to do on the HD system they may all go for the Wii just to make the investors happy because the HD console sales are wasting money to reach for the visuals that the Hd guys want.

The visuals with the Wii have a max that can still look ok but it cost way less money which means more new Ips can be made.

I don't think I'll ever get a Wii board though. I actually go to a GYM. Hey but welcome there is a lot to like oyeah yeah don't rent your games from block buster they will not have lots of good Wii games for what ever reason.

Nugan3773d ago

This isn't a huge surprise.

Capcom has been showing a lot of support for the Wii. Unfortunately, up until now, most of that support has been limited to porting retooled versions of games from other systems--RE4, Okami, Dead Rising, etc.--instead of creating totally original content. So it doesn't seem unlikely that they would port some of the titles above to the system.

RE4 and Okami were impressive ports that made the most of the Wii's hardware, so I'd expect the same from whatever other titles they choose to bring to the system.

Still, it would be nice to see Capcom another some Wii exclusives (besides Spyborgs).

PS360WII3773d ago

True. Zack and Wiki was an awesome game but didn't get the sales though RE: UC was pretty cool for me and that sold a million so they kind of have a hit or miss thing going for the Wii right now.

vashivihang3773d ago

spyborgs got canned.i dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing

PS360WII3773d ago

Umm Spyborgs is just getting an overhaul. In fact they are even laying hints of a sequel already ;) http://www.nintendowiifanbo...

Nugan3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Oh right, I totally forgot Zack and Wiki. I need to pick up a copy of that. I've heard that's its one of the stronger 3rd party games for the system.

And, yeah, last I heard Spyborgs wasn't cancelled. It was just being completely retooled because the reception of the original game footage, particularly of the graphics, was rather poor.

vashivihang3773d ago

thats what i meant but wrong words came out of the keyboard. you are right. they thought it was too kiddy right? i hope it becomes a good title

Nugan3773d ago

I think the primary complaint was that the graphics were of sub-PS2 quality.

People have been complaining that they "Saturday Morning Cartoon" vibe is either too goofy or too childish, but I'm not sure if Capcom with alter that, since it seems kind of central to their concept for the game.

Personally, I'm more concerned about whether or not the gameplay will be interesting, since they haven't (as far as I know) offered much about how it will actually play beyond that it will be a 3D action/adventure title. Most of the promotion has been based on the humor and the style, rather than gameplay.

vashivihang3773d ago

i heard it would be a 2 player drop in drop out brawler basically

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