Is Braid a tribute to Super Mario or a lament to the death of the 2D platformer?

"Braid may garner attention for its artistic pretentions, but its real brilliance lies within the fact that it's an outstanding videogame."

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AStupidXbot3625d ago

I'm going to be smart, I'm going to try to create Braid in LBP.

Montrealien3625d ago

Great idea! Can I have your PSN so you can know what to look for? LBP rocks, it will destroy all in its wake, haha, stupid Xbots!! HAHA!

*rolls on the floor*

twi twi!

PS360WII3625d ago

That would be neat. Do you know if a time element is something you can do in LBP?

Rhezin3625d ago

its just sack dolls and a bunch of sh!t to move around its lamer than lame..its nasim. Can you slow down time? Can you rewind it? Fast forward it? Create a double of yourself? naww didn't think so, and this is just an arcade game.