The Dark Knight on Blu-ray: December 9

HDR has confirmed a date for The Dark Knight on Blu-ray, a title that could actually move additional PS3s this holiday season.

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AStupidXbot3625d ago

I'm A Stupid Xbot, I'm missing the great movies on bluray.

Diugu3625d ago

I feel bad for you. If you think you were so stupid to get a xbox why don't you just sell it and get a PS3?

Don't get depressed about it. hehehe

Just relax man. When you get a PS3 you will be able to do all those things you cant do on the 360. (:


Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3625d ago

Before December 9th buy a PS3;)
Then you can change your name to - 'Im-A-Intelligent-PS3-Owner'!! ! ;-D

Blu-ray is SEXY!!! ;-P

GameDev3625d ago

some people DO only care about gaming and find the 360 to be enough for them. Surprise Surprise some of them have NO HATE for Sony or the PS3.
I wouldn't call these people "stupid xbots". NOW the ones that come on here and do nothing BUT bash everything sony and playstation. Those cretons deserve all the flaming they get.

bpac1234567893625d ago

Dark Knight was definitely one of the best movies of the year (if you can definitely see it in imax) its going to look great on blu-ray. 1080p and full surround here i come. i feel a little bad for people with no kind of blu-ray player there really missing out.

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thereapersson3625d ago

Will be buying day one. Will also be my first Blu-Ray purchase ever. I usually only rent Blu-Rays because the prices are so high for brand new movies. I know you can get them cheap online, but I haven't had the motivation to pick any up yet.

Mr_Bun3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

As long as you can check your "reality" at the door. Not very "realistic" but a lot of action and pretty funny as well.

PoSTedUP3625d ago

the dark night will sell like frigging CRACK especially during the holiday season, im even gunna but it on blu-ray and i dont even have a HDTV! lollol but i am getting one soon.

FreeMonk3625d ago

Although December 9th seems soooo far away! I guess a few more cinema viewings will be needed!!

Here's hoping for a Director's Cut of The Dark Knight on Blu-Ray, similar to the early Harry Potter releases by Warner that added unseen footage into the movie.

I'd love to see a little blood, especially from the unseen deaths of certain people at the hands of The Joker.

December 9th can't come any quicker!!

solidt123625d ago

This movie is great. I gotta get it on day one also.

Bubble Buddy3625d ago

Joker made the movie amazing. I'll be picking this and Iron man on Blu-ray. :)

ActionBastard3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Picked up Batman Begins on Bluray at Blockbuster for $19.99 (brand new). The DVD version was $14.99. Anyway...this will be a day one purchase as well. Bale has ruined superhero movies for me. Not because he sucks, far from it, but because he could play damn near everyone...but he doesn't! Spiderman, Wolverine, Superman, Hulk, Punisher, and on and on...

Nathaniel_Drake3625d ago

I picked up Batman Begins Blu-ray on amazon for $18, it was that pre-order special, that movie is awesome but compared to Dark Knight it seems mediocre

Fat Princess3625d ago

Best movie I've seen this year BY FAR! R.I.P. Heath Ledger. :(

okcomputer3625d ago

Yea, heath ledger MADE that movie. Whoever plays the villain in the next batman film will have a tough act to follow.

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fafoon3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

HD DVD !!!

DavidMacDougall3625d ago

Because i burn't half of HD-DVDs Face off and he went mad!!!

hardmetal3625d ago

PS3/The Dark Knight bundle. I want it!

BlackTar3625d ago

and after further thinking about it i think it would be a great idea if they could somehow gets rights for a early 2 weeks release only with bundles. I wouldn't buy it because i have 2 but I think you should be in marketing because that would sell PS3 like nobodies business to mothers and girlfriends/wives alike.

hardmetal3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Two months ago, I wished to see PS3/Transformers bundle, But after waching TDK I changed my mind. I got my PS3 in May '07 and I'll get a new one if the TDK bundle comes to life.

Why would I buy it again ? 'cause I bought AMIGA 500/Batman bundle 19 years ago ( I was 10 years old ) and I want to do it again this time with Playstation 3.

fafoon3625d ago

To my collection
Got the matrix triology on pre order too