The Wii finally gets DVD playback -- no thanks to Nintendo

Engadget writes:

"Carrying on the rich hacker tradition of picking up the slack for companies that are unwilling or unable to provide the functionality users need, a team of Wii coders have given the console what Nintendo could not: DVD playback. By installing a small, hidden channel on a system, this package blesses the console with a libdi file (DVD access library), and allows you to watch your favorite videos with the MPlayer application, an open source media player. The install file will run on modded and unmodded systems, and the software is also capable of playing media from SD cards (though it's experimental right now). Finally Wii owners can join the ranks of, well... pretty much everyone else."

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Zerodin3774d ago

DVD player at Walmart -> $30.00

forum_crawler3774d ago

Since I am sure nobody has a DVD player at home, this hack could not have come at a better time...

I am sorry, but this is only interesting as an exercise, but not as a practical application since most people already have a DVD player. Not to mention that using a console as a DVD player is just silly, unless you are using it to replace your existing DVD player. Using a PS3 as a blu-ray player, and console at the same time makes sense. Using a wii as a DVD player does not.

ReBurn3774d ago

It's still a pretty interesting hack. I wouldn't install it on my Wii, but I can see why someone would want to take on the challenge of making it happen.

forum_crawler3773d ago

I should have clarified my PS3 statement...
At the present time, it would make sense because of the price of a Blu-Ray player might be too much money to justify for anyone who already owns a PS3. In the future when these players come down in price to where DVD players are right now, then that will not be the case anymore.

I own a dedicated Blu-Ray player (not a PS3), so I don't need the wii to play back DVDs. It would be silly.

SpecialSauce3774d ago

it works reeeeeeeal good, hold on let me read the brand name for u guys that way u can check it out as well.........ahhhh lets it's called a Play.....PlayStation yep PLAYSTATION 3. yeah it works realy good and ooo BTW it's really cheap for a Blu Ray player and ooo yeah it also plays AMAZING BLURAY GAMES AS WELL. yup top of the line games so i recommend it for anyone seeking any type of entertainment.

(and wtf? i thought Wii already did this.)
Wii IS true piece of shyt

ChickeyCantor3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

"and wtf? i thought Wii already did this. "

Only shows how misinformed you are to begin with, how's that cup of Ignorance? You could use some Bias on top of that. It suits you...

(And no i have nothing against the PS3)

ChickeyCantor3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Ya know what ill say it differently.
I can't stand all the Console bashing (Wii, Ps3, 360).
Then you read stuff like " i thought Wii already did this ", it just shows that People bash with LITTLE KNOWLEDGE.
And they complain when they purchased something without even knowing what they bought in the first place.

It's annoying as hell.

Why bash something if you know crap about it?

Special sauce,
To reply on your PM again, as a Gamer i should know what all these consoles can do. So that in the End i know what ill be purchasing.
Having this knowledge does not mean "i don't have a life". It actually means I'm an educated Consumer.

Imallvol73774d ago

Finally!!! I have been having to deal with this stupid Blu Ray stuff. Finally the Wii becoming the powerhouse it has always meant to be!!!

kapedkrusader3774d ago

...welcome to the LAST generation of gaming. Finally!
( The Wii was the first "Next-Gen" console I bought, on it's release date to boot. Til this day I'm still not satisfied with what the Wii offers. Specifically things that should be givens like the previously stated DVD playback graphics that are better than the game-cube.)

ChickeyCantor3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

" ...welcome to the LAST generation of gaming"
...I dont see the connection between GAMING and playing MOVIES.
Wii is capable of playing a DVD movie, it just has no reason to do it.

" Specifically things that should be givens like the previously stated DVD playback graphics "


ChickeyCantor3774d ago

Capable in terms of "hardware"*

kapedkrusader3774d ago

...I meant that Last-gen systems like PS2 were capable of playing DVDs and that you would expect a "Next Gen" system like the Wii to do the same. Being that it's a next-gen system, you can also presume that it will look better than it's predecessor, the Game-Cube. Here let me spell it out for you S-A-R-C-A-S-M. Got it?

ChickeyCantor3774d ago

Don't use CAPS on me if you are the one who fails at sarcasm XD.

kapedkrusader3773d ago

...I forgot to check my "Comments Handbook".

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