Das Gamer: Of Mechs And Men, Bangai-O Spirits Preview

Das Gamer writes: "D3 Publisher's latest release, Bangai-O Spirits, has more facets than you would expect for a typical DS game. Product manager Sam Guilloud showed off some of the features that separate Bangai-O from a lot of games on the market, including the ones that come on discs instead of carts.

First off the game is steeped in its own history. The original Bangai-O, which is Japanese for "outlaw king," hit the N64 and the Dreamcast in 1999. Developed by Treasure, a development studio founded by a crew of ex-Konami devs, has put out fanboy favorites like Ikaruga and Gunstar Heroes. D3 basically managed a localized version of the game and let Treasure do their thing."

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PS360WII3779d ago

This is one intense game so much happening on the screen at once :)