Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII PC Version Impressions

PC Invasion investigates whether Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is a good PC port.

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traumadisaster1101d ago

He says no 4k support, but it's not addressed if that is because he doesn't have a 4k monitor, thus there will be no option for 3840x2160. Lame.

Lon3wolf1101d ago

Not sure but this is in the article:

Display Resolution: 1920×1080 / 1600×900 / 1440×810 / 1366×768 / 1280×720

It seems those are the only options and 1440p is not supported (2560x1440)

traumadisaster1101d ago

You realize the options are not going to list a resolution that the monitor does not support. So if he does not have a 1440 or 2160 monitor he won't get those options.

So you are doing the same thing the author is doing.

Lon3wolf1101d ago

I've played plenty of games where unsupported resolutions are shown that depends on the game looking at the supported resolutions of the monitor or not.

Lon3wolf1101d ago

The wait is almost over for the final instalment in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, with Lightning Returns releasing this week for PC. We know the system requirements already, but now Square Enix has revealed the kind of graphics options we'll be able to tinker with come December 10.
The frame rate will be capped at 60fps, with 1080p the highest resolution available. Meanwhile, windowed and full screen will be supported. According to the Lightning Returns Steam page, the following options are "intended for high-end PCs".

JunMei1101d ago

I have a 1440p monitor, and 1440p is not an available option for the resolution. That said, this paints a positive picture as far as trends for Square-Enix games on PC.

That said, on PC, we have oversampling abilities, so we can see resolutions higher than our monitors support, since that resolution can be downsampled back to whatever our native resolution is.

Lon3wolf1101d ago

1080p is the maximum supported without using downsampling.

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yugioh201101d ago

And lightning return has best gameplay in FF XIII trilogi