Das Gamer: Guerilla Games Eric Boltjes Talks Up Killzone 2 Multiplayer Stats

Das Gamer writes: "The only thing better than killing Helghast aliens, is killing them with your friends online. I sat down with Eric Boltjes, senior multiplayer gameplay designer at Guerilla Games, to talk about the 32-man thrillkilling the much-anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusive will bring when Killzone 2 hits early next year. Hit the jump to check out what Boltjes had to say about new online maps, a new badge mechanic and a ranking system that will prevent noobs from getting slaughtered online when Killzone 2 opens up planet Helghan for business.

Das Gamer: How much customization will you include for online gamers?

Eric Boltjes: What we really tried to do is make it customizable for the player, so we gave the player as many options as possible. He can make his own custom experience. So when he creates games, he gets to decide which maps he wants to play and which missions he wants to play. But it goes really deep, so you can even decide different things like how fast can you revive somebody and how many flags do I have to capture. Players have a lot of options to create their own custom games, basically."

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Mc1873774d ago

In before Zerojoke.
On topic cool article.

AStupidXbot3774d ago

Im going to be smart, does anybody know if killzone 2 has online co-op for campain?

Cyrus3653774d ago

From what has been talked about, it doesn't seem to be the case, which is a shame if true.

nos4speed3774d ago

they were debating if they should make it a downloadable add on later on, I remember reading that somewere.

Sevir043774d ago

thats an awesome way of doing it. making sure that multiplayer modes was made at the same time as single player and ensuring that it looks as good as single player. thats fantastic. i'm telling you, this engine is bananas no other console game in development has got it right now besides heavy rain and war devil. fantastic stuff.

gameraxis3774d ago

gamespot has an awesome video (killzone stage show) if u havn't checked it out already...

online sounds great, but what about starting ur own match and stuff like that??? hopefully he forgot to mention it, or how else will we practice with out clans and stuff like that.

one thing i think they should have done was make every level available for every size group, and maybe just scale it down like Resistance did pending on how many people there are..the only reason i say this is since there are only 8 maps to start with, what if i want to play on the outside level but i don't want to play with 31 other people. know what i mean??