Electronic Arts aims to license Spore movie rights

Forbes: Video game publishing giant Electronic Arts Inc (EA) wants to license television and movie rights to its soon-to-be released Spore game to boost sales, its creative guru Will Wright said on Wednesday.

Struggling with tepid sales and flagging interest from gamers, loss-making EA is rethinking its traditional ways of developing and marketing games.

It is banking on an aggressive marketing campaign and a raft of other new titles, including Dead Space and Warhammer Online, to achieve its guidance for full-year net revenue of $5-$5.3 billion.

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Overr8ed3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

i can see it now... it going to look like a pokemon movie.

DarkBlade3775d ago

They better not use the user creation. Then it would look like pokemon with there junk out.

Overr8ed3775d ago

i can see it now... Penises Everywhere, eww.

The Matrix3775d ago

Spore movie? HOw do you make a spore movie? That would be so lame.