The Unpopular Opinion 4: Games We Liked That Many Did Not

SPC writes, "The staff at SuperPhillip Central loves games. We live them, we breathe them, we bathe with them, etc. However, we sometimes go outside the norm with our reviews, bashing titles that many others enjoyed, and heralding other games that have received poor scores or negative feedback within the gaming community. This article focuses on the latter type of games. As the title suggests, this is our second go at representing the games that a sizable chunk of gamers and critics lambasted yet we still enjoy. To check out the first, second, and third articles, click this link, this link and this link. After you're done reading our choices, why not list some of your own?"

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Saelyn1075d ago

Who didn't like Xenoverse? I thought it was actually pretty good.

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Phil321075d ago

Definitely check out our reasoning with the paragraph dedicated to Xenoverse. :)

yugioh201075d ago

Xenover is only good fighting game, it is not good with named "dragon ball". I liked budoukai tenkaichi than, that is dragon ball

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SegaGamer1074d ago

I have plenty of games that could make the list. You will often find the that the overhyped games are usually a lot worse than the games that are considered to be average or bad.

ZeekQuattro1074d ago

Xenoverse was fun for a bit but Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is still king. So much fan service in that game and its roster can't be beat. Had they made a Raging Blast 3 entry that might of been number 1 but BT 3 is the ultimate DBZ experience. Xenoverse was a nice distraction though for its story and its create a character features.