PC gaming will never die.

A community blogger wrote this piece about why PC gaming will never die. Good read.

From the article: "PC gaming is like watching Mean Girls for the third time: you know its wrong, you know its going to cost you and yet you just keep coming back for more. Ever since Pong was released in 1972 gaming has grown from a weird past time to a popular medium. All the hardware used in consoles comes from technology developed for PC's and yet, strangely, PC gaming is dying.

Or is it?"

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solar3779d ago

awesome. stopped reading after "optimization must be a nightmare...". what? must be? so you are making the assumption it is, or is it. christ these journalists need to start learning to research what they are writing about.

and you console guys should be thankful for PC gaming. consoles strive to be what PC's are. and the push for greater tech benefits you.

Gorgon3778d ago

"and you console guys should be thankful for PC gaming"

I am. Thank you.

"consoles strive to be what PC's are"

Huh...not really.

"and the push for greater tech benefits you"

Yes it does. Thank you again.

solar3778d ago

1) online gaming has been around since doom 1 days my friend. circa '93. consoles are now easily accessible online, compared to the Dreamcast days.

2) data storage medium for movies and song files. 360 and ps3 are now another form of hardware to play those. circa 2005.

3) allowable updates, patches and a place to download demos. circa PC since the beginning.

seriously? do i have to argue more that consoles want to be more like PC's?

Gorgon3778d ago

They don't want to be more like PCs. It just happens that they have the same problems and the solutions are the same, so they obviously become more and more similar. As for Doom and online gaming, I've been playing PC games for over 20 years, so I guess I know pretty well what PC gaming is about. Just because I have a console don't assume I'm not a seasoned PC gamer.

solar3778d ago

and you can not see that consoles are becoming more like PC's? o.O yikes.

Gorgon3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

"and you can not see that consoles are becoming more like PC's? o.O yikes."

Yes, I can. But so what? I don't get your point. They are becoming more similar because they need to deal with the same kind of problems, which is perfectly expected. Games are games and the problems are the same.

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rroded3779d ago

As far as i can see pc gaming like i grew up with is dead or near enough. Consoles are where its at now.

Jacobite3779d ago

I will allways prefer the PC for FPS, anyway Keyboard + Mouse is ideal for FPS. If consoles used Keyboard + Mouse then maybe I would go over,need more games like UT3 on PS3 so far seems the only 1. Microsoft said no to Keyboard + Mouse for their games shame as I would have liked the choice

Guitarded3778d ago

That is why there is no option for Mouse and keyboard. Someone send me a message when someone comes up with a keys and mouse setup that can be used on the couch and lying down, and a 40" monitor for under $1500 and only $300 for the computer itself. PC gaming won't die, but it will have fewer supporters than consoles and will have more of a niche appeal than it has currently.

Dann79783779d ago

yes it will pc gaming sucks

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The story is too old to be commented.