The best zombie games on PC


"Sometimes they're slow, sometimes they're fast, sometimes they're the magically risen dead, other times they're infected, but they almost always come in a horde: hell yeah, they're zombies, one of the best video game enemies ever. Their folk and filmic origins have nothing to do with video games, but zombies were always fated to be our fodder. They're dumb and numerous, which makes them a perfect shooting gallery, and they can be manipulated into whatever grotesque form makes for the best game (or the best metaphor for whatever corner of the human experience you want to explore). Here then, in no particular order, are our favorite games which star the wonderful dead alive."

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OpieWinston833d ago

Where the hell is State of Decay?

Timesplitter14833d ago (Edited 833d ago )

No mention of DayZ?


WellyUK833d ago

well at the moment Dayz doesn't have zombies. They keep taking them out.

OoglyBoogly833d ago

How is it now? Haven't played in a while. Found Breaking Point for ARMA 3 and haven't looked back. Especially considering that the last time I played DayZ (like two years after "Early Access") the zombies could STILL run through walls and doors and fences. Made it unplayable (and was an inexcusable problem at that point in development anyways).

Considering how well something like Breaking Point works (or the DayZ mod for that matter) I don't get what the hell is the problem with the DayZ:SA!

WellyUK833d ago

I haven't played either but I do have it installed and there has been several patches within a few weeks now, also been a lot of updates from the devs. No idea if it's actually better though.

Timesplitter14833d ago (Edited 833d ago )

that's.... true, actually

Haven't played it in several months. I'm just waiting for the new renderer and animation system, because holy crap this game is in serious need of these things. I fully expect this to take at least another 6 months

OoglyBoogly833d ago

Zombi was good? What about DayZ (both stand alone and mod)? Or Breaking Point (which is amazeballs), or H1Z1? None of those are worth anything? Like @OpieWinston said about State of Decay was damn good as well!

Not a bad list at all really, but lacking a lot of the really great games...especially Breaking Point, man, it's so dang fun!

WellyUK833d ago

Breaking point is great if it actually works for you. I know loads of people who just cannot get it to work or it takes ages to get whitelisted. Even when going through the support they have even they don't know how to fix half the problems it has.

OoglyBoogly833d ago

Whether you can get it to work or not doesn't take away from the fact that it's fun AF and definitely one of the better survival games out there. As far as issues are concerned out of the 5 others that I know play it none of us have had issues that weren't solved on the next patch (or in my case I've never had issues with it).

Plus if you're going to disagree because it doesn't work for you then anyone could do the same with any game since all games don't work for all it's sort of a silly thing to say.

WellyUK833d ago

I actually didn't disagree with you...

But everyone I know who has tried to play it has failed to get it working, they either end up with the infinite loading screen or it says they still aren't white listed despite it being connected with steam.

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Hold_It833d ago

LOL. Resident Evil 4 is a zombie game? I guess you haven't played Resident Evil 4, because you are fighting crazed mutated Spaniards not zombies. I find it funny that you don't list Killing Floor on here as it is a PC exclusive and this is the best zombie games you can play on PC not the "best" ports on PC that might have zombies.