GamesRadar UK: Mercenaries 2: Co-op Hands-on

GamesRadar UK writes: "'Fun' is a word which we use with surprising infrequency when talking about videogames. "Immersive", "affecting", "epic" and "sweeping". Those are the adjectives we use. We have to. Games are a serious art form these days, don't you know? But "fun"? What are you, a dirty casual or something?

But what fools we have been. What poe-faced, overly-protective fools. Because while Mercenaries 2 has all the scope and ambition that we now expect from a triple-A tentpole release, it also provides more laughs, whoops, cheers and gleefully exclaimed bad words per minute than anything else we've played in a very long time. In short, it's the sort of game that made us fall in love with gaming in the first place."

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dachiefsman3776d ago

loved the first one. definitely getting this one.