PlayStation Store Update JPN - 13 August

PS3-Sense posted up the Japanese PlayStation Store Update. Here is the full list:

PSone Games
Aquanaut no Kyuu [600 ¥] (Artdink)
Beltlogger 9 [600 ¥] (Genki)
Project GaiaRay [600 ¥] (Shoeisha)
Magical Date - Dokidoki Kokuhaku Daisakusen [600 ¥] (Taito)
Soukaigi [600 ¥] (Square Enix)

Bionic Commando Rearmed

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WhittO3776d ago

they get like 5 ps1 games per update, all the other stores get like 1 every 4 weeks !

CaptainHowdy3776d ago

they get like half a dozen games a week...we're lucky to get one once a month

Fishy Fingers3776d ago

No Alpha? Strange as it is hitting the US (& EU hopefully) tomorrow.

BigMassacre3776d ago

Doesn't Sony realize if they put more PSone classics on the store for us, we'll probably buy them? Especially if it's classics like Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, or the ton of greats RPGs available.

Xenogears on their PS3 & PSP, anyone?

Azures3776d ago

Another good reason why I hack my PSP.

Playing FF8 atm :D, Xenogears is further down the schedule.

Cajun Chicken3776d ago

We need in on this regular PSone game updates. No wonder the PSP is selling so well in Japan.

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