Halo 5: New Forge detail looks brilliant

There's not much you can't control in Halo 5: Guardians' Forge mode. The newest iteration of the multiplayer map editor has more creation tools on every level, from structural parts to environmental tiles, dynamic lighting to weather effects. You can even change the wind direction.

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KionicWarlord2221096d ago

Just saw this video. I`s truly fantastic. The effects like sparks and smoke you can add now is great. Changing the wind effects to move the shadows in the map.

You even get control of what the camera does for example at the start of a match so you can stylize what it does.

Changing the time of day too is nice.

Its been a little wait but its almost here.

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Tobsesan1095d ago

Loved the community maps on Halo 4 and this looks even better.

TheCommentator1095d ago

It looks so much better than the last Forge. Object scripting, grouping, copying groups, lighting, etc. I hope 1024 objects isn't too limiting in the long run, but it's definitely getting closer to the Far Cry editor in terms of number of objects which really opens up a lot of possibilities. Super Sweet!

lastking951095d ago

They gave us pretty much everything we asked for in forge.

lunatic00011095d ago

Can't wait for this.. Anyone know the exact date of when this is to be released?

lunatic00011095d ago

Oh next week..sweet....thanks for the heads up

Elit3Nick1095d ago

Sorry if it sounded a bit vague, but that's how 343 quoted it

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