Get an Xbox One "The Lego Movie Videogame" Bundle - w/ a 40” Samsung LED TV for $499.98

Jump Ahead with Xbox One. Experience the greatest games lineup in Xbox history with exclusives like Halo 5: Guardians, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Forza Motorsport 6. Play with friends on Xbox Live, quickly switch between games and live TV, and play your Xbox 360 games.

The 40" Samsung HDTV displays your video games, movies and more in 1080p Full HD resolution.

This package includes the new console with The LEGO Movie Videogame and the Samsung TV.

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Wallstreet371101d ago

Here goes Microsft trying to offer just about everything including the kitchen sink to try to redeem and win December lol didnt work with November but well see.

Seriously though it is a great deal with that TV.

ScorpiusX1101d ago

God forbid they try to entice people/

Wallstreet371101d ago

Yes god forbid/ (see what i did there?)

Your very clever you son of a gun, you got me good with that response/ lol

phallusitator1101d ago

If the really want to move X1s they should bundle them with PS4s! Both for $499!

riverstars861101d ago

Don't you mean Best Buy? Lol

1101d ago
81BX1100d ago

Isnt the xb1 doing better than the 360?

81BX1100d ago

So when the 360 was at this point in its life cycle it sold more than the xb1 has entirely? Im confused here lol

dcbronco1101d ago

With a name like Wallstreet one would think you would have a little more business savvy but this is n4g. So let me break that offer down for you a bit. Over the years, and even now, you've probably noticed big price reductions when a new model of something releases. AMD is about to drop the die size on their chips. That means consoles made with the newer chip will be much cheaper to make. Since the more expensive consoles made earlier lose value at that point, one way to get more of that value back is to bundle them with another product and write off difference. Plus you have additional consoles in the market now which will lead to more potential game sales which you do get royalties from. If you do work on wall street you should know better. If it's a dream for the future study harder and learn to think outside the box. Actually this is a case of thinking very much within the corporate box.

Wallstreet371101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

You feel better? The fact that you take this site so serious is telling. You did not explain anything to me that I or the common schmo doesnt already know.

Thank you for the lecture but let me break it down (no disrespect to you of course) but the next time you want to play pseudo business professor do so where it is needed and to someone who gives two %ucks.

Thank you for your time.

We all know they probably have left over stock they are trying to get rid of after Black Friday, hence the deal.

Either which way my comment stands, especially given the origin of the Tweet which was not from Best Buy but from Microsoft

81BX1100d ago

Wallstreet. You seem to take issue with having the last word.

dcbronco1100d ago

I feel the same. It's just that the site would be a hell of a lot better without all the agenda pushing. You don't like Xbox or Microsoft or whatever, no need to comment where it wasn't needed. Too many fanboy comments are like water torture. It's irritating. How bought get a more appropriate name like PlayStation ftw or something so I know to skip your comments. And every schmoo doesn't know you can write off losses. It's one of those little perks corporate"persons" get from their friends on the hill that prove they really are people just like you and me. Sorry to have offended you. I'll know what to expect from now on though.

Activemessiah1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

that's pretty good... shame it doesn't come with a ps4 version instead.

Pancit_Canton1101d ago

Maybe you can sell the Xbox1 and get a PS4?

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