What does EA’s Competitive Gaming Division need to succeed in eSports?

MWEB GameZone writes: "EA has announced the creation of a CGD which will enable global eSports competitions in various EA titles. It is an excellent business move by EA to get more involved in eSports as it is growing at a rapid pace.

Here is a look at EA’s new CGD and what it needs to become one of the powerhouses of eSports."

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HanCilliers1098d ago

Great things in store for eSports!

Sillicur1098d ago

Definitely, its only getting better! I wonder what type of game EA will create. I think the Moba genre is already a bit crowded with top eSports titles.

Maybe a Red Alert focused 100% on eSports. That gives me nerdchills!

pompombrum1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

It needs good games first and foremost aimed at a competitive audience.. not games designed for eight year olds. It's encouraging though to see EA take an interest in the competitive market however I'll hold my optimism until I see what they are working on, half expect it to be some uninspired MOBA trying to take advantage of that cashcow.

TheCommentator1097d ago

Content, value, and the ability to listen to fan feedback before the game comes out instead of arguing about it and apologizing afterwards.