Fable II Pub Game Pre-Order Codes Broken

Kotaku reports: "It appears something is up with the codes GameStop and Amazon were giving out for Fable II pre-orders. The code was supposed to allow people to download a free copy of the stand alone Fable II Pub Games, but we've received numerous reports that the codes don't work."


Update: Just heard back from Hryb: "If you received a download code from a pre-order for Fable II, I am being told that they codes should be working later today. Apologies for the delays."

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Jack Bauer3779d ago

mine worked this morning when i dled it

Arsenic133779d ago

MS is working on it. Kotaku just Updated their post.

green3779d ago

Is the code only available for North America?Because i ordered mine from Amazon uk and there is no pre-order incentive available unlike the north American store.

Evil Rant Monkey3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

It's only available for the U.S.. Canada doesn't get jack sh!t either.

Shane Kim3779d ago

What? Kotaku actually made a negative xbox article?

Eiffel3779d ago

What? you're able not to glorify the Delaystation 3?

Adamalicious3779d ago

They should have just made these games free as a way to market Fable II. Restricting them to pre-orders only is only going to help them get people to pre-order that were going to buy is anyway. If they were free to all they might actually help to move more copies of Fable II. Unless they suck I guess.

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