The Current State of the European PSN Store

So it has been almost 2 years of the PS3 and with that we have almost 2 years of the new PSN (not the one that was used for the PS2 - which blew big time!).

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JUUKENS HOT3659d ago

the american store is so much easier to navigate, the european store is just a hot mess

Nemo883659d ago

I just think its them being complacent again... "The Europeans are buying PS3's anyways..." the U.S. is where they really want to make an impact so they focus all their energies there.

Sony really doesnt seem to have too good communication between SCEA, SCEE etc. As someone posted there is no reason why the layouts of the Euro and US stores should be different. It IS retarded.
There are just simple things that they should be making the same like:

-In the U.S store when browsing e.g. "Latest" you get icons of games, vids etc., and the icons themselvels are LABELLED "PSP game", "Bluray" "PSone" etc.---so you dont have to guess and can see quickly at a glance. Eu store you have to "change view mode", and then its still not always clear if it is a PSP demo, PSone or PS3 etc.

-Pricing: The actual font used for pricing is bigger and MUCH easier to read in US store. Why do I have to squint cause im in UK?
-And as someone already posted why dont they have a seperate 'Demos' section like the U.S store?

Cajun Chicken3659d ago

This obviously isn't working out, Continental Europeans have totally different gaming tastes and the use of a console to the UK.
Just correct a few of the spellings in the NA versions of games and get them online on a separate store from EU, I don't need the extra room on my harddrive taken by other languages I don't need.
Its like the NA store waiting whilst getting given Mexican and Canadian French built in games.

BlackCoffee3659d ago

I downloaded the Ratchet and Clank: Secret Agent Clank demo the other week. I linked to the psp and copied it across fine and dandy.

I played it, and despite the PSP needing another thumbstick enjoyed the demo.

The problem came when I showed it to my eight year old son, who loves Future tools of destruction on PS3.

He wanted the demo put on his PSP. So i thought, I will copy the demo onto my mac from the PSP and then copy it onto his. Oh no, its protected content and won't play.

Ok I will download it again on PS3, no dice it won't download again.

Ok I try the PC store, and i can't download it there either, it's got a red store sign that says I have already downloaded it. I try the ape escape demo, which downloads. But when my son's PSP is connected it won't copy over, with some numerical error message, connect mine and it works fine.

Maybe I have to register the PSP to my account, as I have already with my own. I own both after all. Well one is my son's but he is only eight.

I register both and it still won't work. I give up in disgust.

Why Sony why? It's a demo, why not let people copy it freely, that is like Sony saying, heres an advert, but only certain people can see it, what kind of marketing is that?

Tomdc3659d ago

yh your rite, we share far more in common with americans (and any of our english speaking counterparts) than mainland europe.

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BBCnewsrocks3659d ago

come on, we pay more for a crappy service, even if you get used to it after a while, in comparison, it completely $#!+

Gorgon3659d ago

I'de like to know why the hell don't we have an option just for demos like in the US store and instead have to navigate through all the games searching for what demos are available. Talk about retardness.

Viatrophy3659d ago

I know, its beyond a joke!
You would of thought they'd just give the same version of the store to everyone.

f7897903659d ago

I live in the US and when I went to the European store I was completely lost. It took me five minutes to find one demo. In the US store you just click on demos. Why is it even different?

Cajun Chicken3659d ago

What I can't understand is the insistence of Sony not making a separate region for the UK or just give us the NA versions, we speak English too, its just that Americans insist on spelling things slightly differently.
In the UK we had to wait about 3 months for Pain...I don't know why, probably to do with the other languages Sony put in for the rest of the EU.
For the UK the store can often be a joke; for example, I have NO idea when the hell the UK is getting Bionic Commando: Rearmed and I don't know where the Sony are getting the 'classic chart hits' PSone downloads from as half of them weren't even POPULAR in the UK and of course the lack of the video store (which is complicated anyway, so I can't blame SCEE on that one.)
Sounds like things are getting better with announced international releases recently. I expect things to pick up fast, but the TBC release of BC:R was a kick in the head from previous timed releases.

SmokeyMcBear3659d ago

well considering that the Eurpean PSN Store is abour 6 months behind the NA one.. then they should get stuff 6 months after the NA store... it only seems fair.. haha

ravinash3659d ago

I think if the software is there and can be up loaded, then they shoulf do it.....thats only fair.

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