'90s Gaming as a '90s Kid

The '90s brought about a whole new era in video games. From the jump to 3D to the rise of couch multiplayer, it was a truly remarkable decade, especially if you were growing up right in the middle of it. Invisible Gamer's Austin Clark reminisces about growing up in the '90s with video games and why it was such a special time in the medium's history.

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Relientk771018d ago

90's gaming was the best

PlayStation 1 and N64 FTW

DarkOcelet1018d ago

JRPG games were plenty back then. Vagrant story, legend of Dragoon, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, etc etc etc.

cpayne931017d ago

Don't forget about platformers, Mario 64, Glover, Banjo, Conker, Crash, and Spyro to name some of the best.

cd11017d ago

Don't forget Secret of Mana!

ThunderPulse1017d ago

Quest 64 don't forget that one.

3-4-51017d ago

NES + SNES + Sega Genesis + Sega Saturn + N64 + PS1 + Arcade games + Gameboy + Gameboy Color + Sega Game Gear + Sega Dreamcast = Tons of Awesome games

rainslacker1016d ago

PC-Engine/Turbo Duo + Turbo Express never gets any love.:(

Pogmathoin1017d ago

Back in England, it was Amiga or St..... Cannon Fodder...!

rainslacker1016d ago

Those were the days when I just played games. Before I got wrapped up in all the politics and bickering. Even the playground(well...lunch table since I was in high school by then) were so much more fun versions of the console wars, because we'd bicker, act all superior, then go to each other's houses and play on the hated console and just have fun.

Thinking back, while I was on the playstation day one it released in Japan(import w/ Toshinden), I was actually mad at Sony because I was such a huge PC-Engine fan, and NEC decided to abandon it and not bring the PC-FX to the west. Funny the things I thought back then. Wonder what I'll think in another 25 years.

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ApolloTheBoss1017d ago

I grew up with the N64 with DK 64, Aerogauge, Pokemon Stadium 2, and Superman 64(Yes, superman. I actually thought this game was good as a kid. What was I smoking?) and Smash bros. I regret not getting a ps1 and it's plethora of jrpg's.

DarkOcelet1017d ago

Well, when we were kids. Most games were amazing. Even the $hitty ones.

Shnazzyone1017d ago

aerogague... shudder. I got that thinking it was n64's wipeout. How wrong i was.

ApolloTheBoss1017d ago

Lol well it was alright in my book.

jc121017d ago

God did I have a blast with San Francisco Rush 64, Waverace 64, Mario Kart 64, Goldeneye etc...

Paytaa1017d ago

Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Mortal Kombat, Hydro Thunder, Nights Into Dreams, Slave Zero, Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure, and Goldeneye 64 were the standout titles of the 90's for me.

Gaming back then was so different and I would kill to relive playing all those games for the first time again.

Travis37081017d ago

I remember playing Spyro The Dragon and staying up to 6AM with my brother.
Best gaming Gen ever!

Our dad made us go to bed lol

So many awesome memories

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