Announcing the EA Competitive Gaming Division, Led by Peter Moore

For many of you, the passion for games is defined by competition – a relentless focus on being the best, and leaving your mark on the games you love. It fuels many of the amazing things we see from millions of you playing EA games each day. As this passion continues to grow, we’re committed to creating even more opportunities for you to connect and compete.

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Herbalistic922d ago

EA left NBA Live off the list because they accept that its garbage

GigawattConduit922d ago

Honestly, I forgot that was even a thing. Didn't the last one come out and be buggy as heck?

PerfidiousSinn922d ago

Electronic Arts Electronic Sports. Just rolls off the tongue.

GigawattConduit922d ago

EA eSports: It's in the Championship!

Rimeskeem922d ago (Edited 922d ago )

aight, not sure how i feel about this, seems like every company is jumping on the competitive train. Sony announced their league, EA with theirs, MS with theirs, PC with all of theirs, Nintendo just needs theirs.