The Surprising Reason Asian MMOs Are Mouse-Based

Give up? It turns out Asian gamers want to smoke and game at the same time.

There are big design differences between American and Asian-based MMOs, Perfect World product manager Jon Belliss told me yesterday, while showing off Chinese-born MMO,"Perfect World International."

One difference is grinding. Asian gamers love grinding far more than the rest of the world. Additionally, they also play almost exclusively with the mouse. Western MMOs are typically controlled with a mouse and keyboard. For the longest time, Belliss couldn't figure out why this dichotomy existed.

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Zerodin3777d ago

They need the other hand to do the stereotypical things that their nations do!
Japanese = Karate Chop things.
Chinese = Paint things with lead paint.
Korean = Coding an MMO
Vietnamese = ...I don't have one for them.