Gamasutra: Critical Reception: D3/Treasure's Bangai-O Spirits

This week's edition of the regular Critical Reception column examines online reaction to Bangai-O Spirits, a Treasure-developed sequel that reviewers describe as "a shooter that celebrates shooters."

Though the early death of the Sega Dreamcast rendered 2001's Bangai-O an under-produced and difficult-to-find obscurity, the title earned critical acclaim and a devoted following among Treasure's fanbase. Bangai-O's long-awaited sequel, Bangai-O Spirits, debuts on the Nintendo DS this week in North America to a Metacritic-averaged score of 84 out of 100.

Dave McCarthy at Eurogamer rates the Japanese version of Bangai-O Spirits at 10 out of 10, despite noting some initial uncertainty. "I sort of suspect that if you didn't play or love the first one, it'll probably leave you baffled for a long time," he admits. "And then suddenly you'll have an epiphany, in which you utterly understand it and what it's trying to do."

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