Gamasutra:SCEA's Steinberg On 'Future-Proofing' A Ten-Year PS3

Sony's touted its ten-year plan for the PlayStation 3 often enough that it's clear the company's determined to bestow its current console with the same long lifecycle enjoyed by its predecessor -- but as the PlayStation 2 is an exception in console history, it's a daunting objective.

Sony Computer Entertainment of America product marketing VP Scott Steinberg is charged with making sure all three of Sony's current gaming platforms fulfill the 10-year lifecycle plan, orders that come straight down from the top.

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Bastion3773d ago

I was skeptical about this plan, but it seems reasonable, more and more reasonable. Its obvious that 5 years the 360 will be dated, but that's why they will come out with a new system. As many have already thought, the MS system's whole point was to put a cog in the sony machine. I think this is truely a fight. The 360 is a viable system, but if they try go with sony they're out in a 10 round fight. the 720, will be the definitive ms system, but will the xbox syndrome happen? will no one pick up because the graphics aren't enough better that people jump ship, will people be ready to buy another system? and if all those things are true, what will sony do? its all so interesting :)

himdeel3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

...are always ready to pick up a new system. However, time and history tells us that MS "could" and this is a VERY BIG "could" if not careful repeat the PS2 - XBox situation that happened not too long ago if they aren't careful.

Graphics aside there has to be MUCH more that MS is bringing to the table with their new system that establishes it as somewhat unique while not repeating or seen as copying consoles currently on the market. Expect an evolution not revolution in console gaming as many here have already mentioned on this an other websites.

Finally cost is key, if their new unit is too high cost wise and not seen as bringing anything new to the table it could suffer. Likewise I think any system released after the PS3 and 360 will be in direct competition in some ways with their own devices. For example PS4 in competition for sales with PS3 and the 720 in competition for sales with the 360 as well as competition between platforms from the different companies.

Cajun Chicken3773d ago

Its a much better idea than when Microsoft dumped the Xbox and forced everyone to migrate to the 360 to play Halo and a few games that were originally announced for Xbox.
Why can't a pre-gen console and a handheld from the same company co-exist at the same time, I just think it means someones doing a better job.
10 year plan, yes. Why not, I don't see the new gen coming any faster, this gen is almost equal to that of the PC now, not like the old days when PS2 graphics were laughable compared to PC's.
I was insulted when Microsoft totally dropped support for the XBOX. Bear in mind you also had to fork out for a special remote just in order to play DVD...why?
For MS to release a new console this early because of the PS3 would be the final insult, they can't do the same trick twice.
Promises and trust are better than total abandonment of a once still capable popular console.
Yes, I have an 360, because there was more going for it because being out for longer than PS3 and a lot of good devs were working on it. Not because I TRUST or LIKE the way MS do business. Now my favorite devs from SCE have proved what the PS3 can do things are looking different in perspective.

Ju3773d ago

The advantage with the 10 years goal this generation is, that even in 5-8 years the visuals will be playable. Especially as SW will improve. I do not see any the resolution going up above what we have (1080p standard, yes, but some games do this already, and possibly more in the future). Detail level will increase and 1080p will be the low denominator, I can see this coming. But will it be worth to switch again for millions ? If its just graphics, I think that's not enough and the competition will be much harder between current and next gen. Also, at that time, the PS2 will be gone, and the PS3 will hit <$200. Compete with that. Will be damn hard.

Jamie Foxx3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

ps2 is still going strong
ps2 funnily enough isnt much difference from xbox 360 in terms of features (usb sockets,dvd9 etc)
i cannot see what the next xbox will have thats different from the current ps3 which shows just how AHEAD of its time the ps3 really is, next xbox will probably feature (bluetooth,interchangeable harddrive,true hd not 1.2,true dolby,heck maybe even bluray)

so really what else is there apart from greater processing power for the next xbox (which will be here maybe in 2010 due to the 360s limitations which are becoming more evident recently from developers interviews) to have to compete with an older machine in te ps3?

thats why the ps3 will last ten years

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DFresh3773d ago

I couldn't agree more.
Sony is gonna win this gen it'll take time but it's gonna happen.
360 is at it's final chapter after Gears of War 2 unless they can make something happen but given the great games both exclusive and multiplatform the PS3 has there's really no way the 360 can keep up anymore.

Common Sense3773d ago

The Ps3 is only going to get better. New IPs and I can't wait for the PS3 to get fully unlocked. Sony will probably open up one of the 2 other SPUs and increase the RSX's clockspeed.

LastPlace-tation 3rd3773d ago (Edited 3772d ago )


Microsoft_Spokesman3773d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

you're douche ahahhahahahhahah!

Microsoft_Spokesman3773d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

BTW "LastPlace-tation 3rd" is "I am a gangster". He made a new account, it was just created.

juuken3773d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Don't worry dearest troll, the PS3 will slip into 2nd place in no time. Lol, you gotta wonder about 360 fanatics these days. Resorting to troll accounts to bash the PS3? I smell desperation all over again! Don't get mad because the 360 might end up in 3rd place just like the original XBox! :]

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3773d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

What's the point of playing by the Rules on this site for?????????????
I'm gonna run out of 'Ignore' spaces!!! ;-D

LAST Place = xBox 3$hitys!!! ;-D
It will be DEAD like the 1st xBox...where is the 1st xBox gone???

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Harry1903773d ago

How it should normally be. Playstation consoles usually succeed in the long run and I think it's even better for consumers. Just look at the PS2,you are still getting great games on it like Mercenaries and Yakuza.

Common Sense3773d ago

Only for the PlayStation 3.

The Ps3 is future-proof. The PS3 is going to get more powerful.
Sony is going to pull a Psp and increase the Ps3's specs. They'll probably unlock a Cell SPU and increase the RSX clockspeed. The RSX clockspeed was originally 700mhz but it was reduced to 550mhz.

RadientFlux3773d ago

While I have no doubt that the PS3 will still be around for 10 years. Sony will have to bring out a new system to complete with Microsoft's new system.

While you can argue all you want about tweaking system settings to get better performance there is one thing that can't be tweaked and that is the lack of RAM in both the PS3 and X360.

Heck the PS2 is around the 8 year mark and look how horribly dated the launch games looked or any game that came out in 2000 (by today's standard).

Meus Renaissance3773d ago

That's fine but we live in the present not the future. I hope Sony have enough accommodated to keep their fanbase happy and loyal. Sony don't have over 14million customers because of the future, but because of the here and now so we need to see more talk about the present and what they have planned.

Cajun Chicken3773d ago

I'm happy enough, Resistance, Uncharted and Ratchet have all delivered fantastic value games. I have no doubt Studio Ico's new title and GoW3 will deliver and SCE will probably bring back Jak.
New IP co-existing with old IP worked a treat for Nintendo for years. That's the key, Sony already have franchises for all ages and demographics and a LARGE back catalog to experiment with. Look back at the popular franchise they own, Wipeout, Medievil, Jak and Daxter, Devil Dice, Ratchet and Clank, Singstar, Eyetoy, Syphon Filter, Socom, Twisted Metal...I could go on, there's too many. Compare that to successful franchises MS own.
While as far as I can see the only brand identity for MS consoles is Halo and recently Gears of War and mimicking already existing brands and are still struggling to find their identity, hence the new dashboard.

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