Fallout 4 Director on what's next: We don't plan on making small things

There are new things that will be coming from Bethesda Game Studios in the future and they won't be of the tiny variety.

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Jalva733d ago (Edited 733d ago )

Edit: Nevermind.

DarkOcelet733d ago

I think its obvious its gonna be Elder Scroll 6.

TheCommentator733d ago

Hopefully on a new graphics engine. That way they don't have to patch the game to make it look worse just so it will run smoothly.

BlackTar187733d ago

lol it will just start out being worse then all their games have been lol.

New engine for Bethesda is a scary task for the player.

pringlec733d ago (Edited 733d ago )

They turned off the shadows in 1 place(probably a bug and will be fixed), it's hardly making the game.

You cannot have a game of this size, without a few bugs no matter what engine it is running.

This game has pretty much every object with physics enabled, multiple destructible objects, realtime volumetric lighting, all running real time in a massive open world with complete freedom to do whatever, whenever.

You need to understand how resource management and game design works, you either have the stuff I mentioned and have decent graphics, or don't and have excellent graphics.

If you want the latter don't play a Bethesda game.

TheCommentator733d ago

Pringlec, you need to understand that 2 years into a console's lifespan I shouldn't have to play a game on a last gen engine. If it was on a new engine like it should've been it would be even more capable than you described. Not downgraded instead.

pringlec733d ago (Edited 733d ago )

Commentator, I agree it could be better on a new engine.

But a lot of people expect witcher 3 graphics, which is just not possible of a game on this scale, without blocking out the majority of your audience and limiting the game to high end PC's, which any company wanting to make profit will never do.

Witcher 3 should be compared to MGS5 not fallout 4, as its a lot closer in terms of scope, only similarity between F4 & W3 is they are RPG's.

Fallout 4 is definitely not a downgrade, it looks a hell of a lot better than any previous Bethesda game, has a lot less bugs and performance is pretty steady.

Majority of people complaining are sheep following the herd or kids with no idea what a real game is, because they're so used to the F2P games and easy money games like COD.

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Summons75733d ago

TES 6 Please :) Maybe a couple expansions like with Skyrim but focus on TES, we need a new Elder Scrolls and as enjoyable ESO is that doesn't count for an Elder Scrolls.

ziggurcat733d ago

perhaps they should... would be nice to play something that isn't bug-ridden.

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