Videogamer Review: Fable 2 Pub Games

Videogamer reports:
''There has always been a slight problem with gambling video games, in that they take a real-world vice and invariably remove the most important ingredient: the chance to win or lose large sums of cash. Without any sense of risk - or the chance to get rich quick - most games are reduced to a hollow experience that gets dull pretty quickly. Where is the thrill in hitting a royal flush in poker if your winnings are paid out in pretend money? It's not like you can blow it all on pretend hookers, pretend cocaine and pretend fast cars.

Fable II: Pub Games neatly sidesteps this problem; in fact, it turns the whole situation to its advantage. The title serves up three neat little gambling games with the idea being to accumulate gold and other prizes ahead of the release of the full-blown Fable II. Once that comes out, you'll be able to merge your Pub Games profile with your newly-created adventurer... and Hey Presto! Suddenly your hero will find his pockets stuffed with filthy lucre which can then be spent on hookers (possibly), cocaine (doubtful) and fast cars (definitely not).''

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