WorthPlaying Previews: Bolt

WorthPlaying writes:

One of the biggest problems with movie-licensed video games is that they're often based on properties that don't really lend themselves to easy-to-make games. Ratatouille is a game about a cooking rat that somehow became an action-platformer, for example. WALL-E is an adorable love story about two nearly silent robots whose video game adaptation bizarrely included a deathmatch mode where four WALL-Es blasted each other with lasers. It's hard to hit the right balance of fun and faithfulness to the movie, and more often than not, it ends up hurting the games themselves. Bolt, based on the upcoming Disney film, could very easily have been another one of these. The basic movie plot lends itself quite well to a lackluster platforming game, and that is what I was expecting. Thankfully, Avalanche Software came up with a way to better take on Bolt that is both true to the movie without shoehorning it into the usual pitfalls of a movie tie-in game.

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