Celebrate 15 years of Killzone as Visual Design Art Book goes on sale

Cook&Becker are at it again, the next-gen digital artists known for great pieces of video game artwork have announced the Killzone Visual Design Art Book. Previous artwork from Cook&Becker includes Last of Us, Destiny, Okami, Journey and Mass Effect and now they have entered the world of art books.

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834d ago
xReDeMpTiOnx834d ago

Killzone 2 remaster plz that would make my Christmas

bouzebbal834d ago

agreed! My first real online experience and the platinum trophy i am most proud of.
Despite the lacky æuntiplayer in KZ3 i still ended up liking it, thanks i think to the awesome Move support and the amazing atmosphere and maps.

xReDeMpTiOnx834d ago

Indeed kz2 was the peak still my fav fps in past 10yrs about then it became ruined from the filthy casuals :/

Rhezin834d ago

Killzone remastered collection. Needs to happen along with a Resistance collection..