Unreal Engine 3 not dead yet

Has there ever been a piece of middleware as talked about as Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3? At some times godly (Gears of War) and at other times evil (Too Human) it has remained, for better or worse, the most widely used game engine of this generation. However, in the last six months we've been noticing a trend away from Unreal Engine 3, which we examined in two articles, What's Powering the Next-Generation and EA Buying the Next-Generation.

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timmyrulz3779d ago

i like the unreal engine its made some great games (as well as some trash)the only problem is that some devs havent utilised it in their own art style , quite a few of this gens games look the same and its not user friendly for the ps3, i think with a bit more imagination and creativity this engine can still make some top quality games in the years to come

Excalibur3779d ago

Spot on.
I like Unreal Engine but I personally think it was overused this past year to year and a half.
A lot of games looked the same.

mikeslemonade3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

The unreal engine 3 is the easy way out for developers and publishers who just want to make a cheap game. There's very few great unreal engine 3 games. Also games are becoming generic. Almost everything has been a shooter, close quarters, bulky characters, and dumb story.

cinematicmatt3779d ago

not only do they look the same, worst of all, they feel the same.

which just sucks at the prices that we're paying for them. it all just feels the same, though when i pop in a new game from playing something for an hour or two the only thing i have to adjust to is just the control scheme rather than the "feel" or "heaviness" of a game

spandexxking3779d ago

i thought too human didnt use the UE?

xjxdoggystyyle3779d ago

was going to use the engine then there was a big fallout between Silicon knights and epic....SK said epic was holding back stuff from them etc etc etc etc...then epic got silicon came up with there own engine

VMAN_013779d ago

Too Human still looks like a UE3 engine powered game however.

REPLOID243779d ago

hands is good. in other dev's hands not so much.

Bucky Sligo3779d ago

The enhanced Ureal Engine Epic demo'ed a while back looked good. I'm expecting GeOW 2 to blow us away like the first one did. The hordes of enemies on screen at a time looks to be jaw-dropping.

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The story is too old to be commented.