The Rebirth of EA / A Lesson for Activision?

Grass is green, the ocean is blue, and EA is the biggest third-party game publisher in the world – these were some of the truths of the last generation of gaming. But then something happened. EA's game roster started to feel a little stale and their reputation amongst gamers plummeted with every callous franchise retread and double-handed money grab. Sure, they still pulled in phenomenal amounts of coin thanks to juggernauts such as The Sims, Need for Speed, FIFA and Madden, but the audience was expanding in new directions and EA was missing the boat. Thus, in 2007 Activision is set to overtake EA and become the biggest third-party publisher in gaming.

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SlappingOysters3659d ago

Activision seem to be making a lot of the mistakes that EA were making a few years back, just rolling games off the conveyor belt and pimping movie licenses left, right and centre.

As much as I hate the way EA have gone about a lot of their business, their upcoming game roster is brilliant. From Spore to Dead Space I'm totally keen.

LastDance3659d ago

I agree....EA are doing well at the moment....I hope they keep like this.

MK_Red3658d ago

True but not just Dead Space. Don't forget about: Mirror's Edge, Spore, Mercs 2 and many others. Plus they didn't whore their games like Burnout, Army of Two and such by announcing them for every platform known to man. PS3, 360 and sometimes PC. On the Wii front, they've released one of the best games of that console so far, known as Boom Blox.

Cajun Chicken3659d ago

They bring Road Rash and Desert Strike IP back. They seem back to their Amiga-like early quality gaming glory atm.
Quite respectable these days. I'd like to see less sports games developed internally, though.

Garrison3658d ago

This is the biggest third party out there and it's all just dandy for gamers that if these guys are on top, they are on that spot for pumping out quality product and innovation.