Far Cry and Clock Tower movie posters unearthed

A new poster image and release date for Uwe Boll's upcoming Far Cry movie adaptation. Plus a gory new poster for Capcom's Clock Tower movie, based on the long-running survival horror series.

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InMyOpinion3779d ago

I hope Clock Tower is produced in Asia.

InMyOpinion3779d ago

To all of you who disagree with me, watch the remake of Bangkok Dangerous starring Nick Cage and tell me I'm wrong. F#cking Hollywood Bruckheimer producers have to americanize everything and kill what was originallyt grea movies.

Monobrow3779d ago

I believe it's going to be a US-based production, but you're right. I'd love to see a Japanese or Korean take on this!

The_Firestarter3779d ago

Yummy! I love that Clock Tower poster. Wicked.

m-s-8-23779d ago

Clock Tower? With Scissor Man? Who leaps off a roof to impale a guard with his over sized garden shears? that game scared the piss out of me.

jay23779d ago

Just give us some good GTM please!.

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