Little Big Planet at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival

Yesterday I went to the Edinburgh Interactive Festival with two and a half hours and nothing to do but play and talk about Little Big Planet. Literally. Everything else there was actually pretty boring.

Last month, I asked visitors of to give me questions to ask the representative at the festival, and, surprisingly, got all but one answered.

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JUUKENS HOT3476d ago

is the new mario

LBP is the new mario 64 in terms of the way it will revolutionise the way we play games

HighDefinition3476d ago

IS Everywhere.

2 1/2 Months till it`s out!


I can't wait for this game !!

marinelife93476d ago

It's amazing that LBP covers so much ground that people only ask questions about what it doesn't have and what you can't do.

Bathyj3476d ago

Mario64 gets too much credit for revolution anyway. Tombraider came out before that, with vast 3D open environments, 3D platforming, enviromental puzzles, and you got to stare at a chicks arse while shooting animals.

No wonder it was a hit.

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jackr393476d ago

far too many "no's" in the preview:(
still cant wait for this game:D

PirateThom3476d ago

Media Molecule has already made Super Mario Bros. Level 1-1.


Relcom3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

which makes me happy, so i can play some more people's awesome levels.

From the article"8. Can you make invisible objects or a very dimly lit room?

Yes. They've already made a level that's dimly lit."

I didn't know that, sweet.

nos4speed3476d ago

I love anything were I can just sit and make stuff, cant wait to start spitting out level after level of crazy madness.

PSN ID: nos4speed

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The story is too old to be commented.