Link's Crossbow Training zapping SA soon

According to Nintendo's website, South African gamers will soon get the chance to try out the Wii Zapper when Link's Crossbow Training hits our shelves this month.

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Scelestus3537d ago

Might be worth noting that the Wii costs almost twice as much as the 360 down here in hell.

Bucky Sligo3537d ago

Pitty I already finished RE4. Are there any other notable Wii shooters?

ItsDubC3537d ago

AFAIK, Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 and Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles both support the Wii Zapper and are both pretty good games.

Smacktard3537d ago

RE:UC is the worst game I've ever bought (and I like rail shooters). Sold it for $30 (bought it for $50 + 13% tax) after about 2 hours of play. Ugh.

ItsDubC3537d ago

Wow, 13% tax?

Anyway, I have played neither of those games that I mentioned so what I said is based on word-of-mouth and reviews, and not personal experience. I would take Smacktard's words into consideration and do more research before purchasing any of them.

PS360WII3537d ago

I thought RE: UC was a rocking good game. Although the game was really icky when using the Wii Zapper

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