Videogamer: Street Fighter 4 Preview

Videogamer writes: "First off we visited Capcom's UK HQ to dust off our Sonic Booms and Flash Kicks and dip our trembling toes for the first time into Street Fighter 4. Then we travelled thousands of miles, to Los Angeles, California, to play Street Fighter legend Seth Killian at his own game, getting the low down on the four brand new characters in the process. Then, still wrecked by jet lag, we queued up, sometimes for half an hour at a time, to get our Hadouken-ing hands-on the finished Japanese arcade version at the recent Battle of Destiny tournament in a sweaty London university student bar. And, now, finally, having played it to death, we're ready to bring you our impressions of what could be the best fighting game ever made.

The question 'is Street Fighter IV good?' is a pointless one. Of course it's good. It's bloody great. It's great if you played Street Fighter II back in the day and haven't touched a fighting game since. It's great if you mastered the parry system from Street Fighter III and occasionally dabble in tournaments across the UK. And it's great if you just love fighting games, because, well, nothing does 2D fighting quite like the guys and girls at Capcom."

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