Modojo: Madden NFL 09 Review

Sure, Madden NFL 09 plays good (that's expected), but it feels too similar to Madden games of old and like a $39.99 roster update. For that kind of cash, Modojo need more enticing content. However, if all you want is a cool football game to play in transit, this year's Madden is a neat, pint-sized version of its big brother.

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WINZLOW3660d ago

i have never payed attention to all the madden games so i really hope that the visuals are dramatically improved in each one. other than that, this is just another EA game to me so why is everyone on my psn list trying to convince me to get it???

SmokeyMcBear3660d ago

because you can actually play this one online without throwing the controller in frustration... its a lot better than previous years

divideby03660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

While its another incremental set of improvements as usual with Madden. This version is by far NOT just a roster update. The feel of the game is totally different than last years and it makes me wonder if the reviewer actual has played Madden the last few years.

Its totally obvious the reviewer didnt play the PS3 version of Madden last year...This years version is 100% better in terms of performance.
I am playing both versions...btw

SmokeyMcBear3660d ago

I was thinking the same thing.. until i realized this was under the psp section ( the 39.99 price tage was a flag). So he might actually be right in this regard.

wangdiddy823660d ago

The player movements are superb.. and let me tell you the freaking computer is hard as hell.. I was playing online beating this guy and his connection got loss (bailed out) so it asked if you want to contunue and i said yes.. Thinking this will be an easy win.. I got my a$$ handed to me by the Jags.. I play with the 9ers.. I havent played madden in awhile but i never been man handled by the computer like that before.. I felt like a rookie..