Charging for Microsoft Xbox Live

ANALYSIS. There have been rumours that Microsoft were going to make Xbox live free for all, instead of the current system where a base service is free and the feature packed Gold service is charged for. But why should Microsoft make it free?

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PoSTedUP3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

^ because the PSN is free and it isnt far behind XBL's features and eventually that will be a major selling point and an advantage for sony especially with HOME and Playstation Lyfe Style and LBP right around the corner ya know.

P.S this was meant for the GamerZone..... o well....

Montrealien3629d ago

so you admit it's still behind Live right? ;P

I'm just kidding, and of course anything that's free that would offer more then Live would be more attractive, but I still have doubts that PSN will be free for much longer, anyways, they will probably keep online play free but will find other ways to make money, Qore is a great example of that.

In the end, if you got a steady income the reality is that Live is not that much of a hit to your wallet, not mine anyways.

DJ3629d ago

That everyone wants to be free. There's no problem with charging for the community features.

Shane Kim3629d ago

"But why should Microsoft make it free?"

Yea why should we? We make a fortune out of these dumb bots.

zapass3628d ago

yeah, that's how you get owned:

"jump in, we got the cheapest console, who needs bluray, HDD, wifi??"

but after you learn to run an addition, it's more like:

"you got owned: 360 $299 + XBL subscription * 10 years = $799"
and that's with RROD and w/o bluray, HDD, wifi...

OUCH!! my ass hurts, where's the koolaid??

Kleptic3628d ago

I thought BruceDouche articles were not going to get approved anymore...Him and GameDaily have been struggling for the top spot on the 'internets most retarded websites' for nearly a year now...

I mean come on...just look at that pricture (that is not a typo) of him on his know he is an instant douche and no matter what that his opinion is extremely incorrect...


The Bots love paying for service ...think am lying just read all previous post .

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Fishy Fingers3629d ago

Why should MS make it free? Simply because everyone else allows online gaming free. If your come back is that Live offers more services than the others that is incorrect, Games for Windows offers the same and that was recently changed to a free service (mainly because PC gamers said no to the subscription).

Also, not everyone requires all of these features, some just want the ability to play their games online with their friends, if that is all you want I dont see how £50 a year is justified (even though I pay it).

From my point of view, I bought the console, bought the game, bought my internet subscription etc this in my eyes should be enough.

Truplaya3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

i pay it and dont mind. I see it like SkyTV here in the UK. If you want to watch TV you can, 5 analogue channel and many more free ones on freeview. If you want a service above and beyond those then you have to pay for SkyTV or Virgin.

As long as XBL keeps getting updated i can see me paying for another year.

Euphrate3629d ago

Or just buy a PS3 if they don't want to.

Live with it.

Silver3603629d ago

Then don't. If you don't like the way the system is set up with MS then sell your console. Just stop the whining about the $4 a month for what is arguably the best online console service.

Fishy Fingers3629d ago

Silver, stop being a drama queen, if you dont want to see people moaning about paying for xbox live dont click on a thread that revolves around the payment of xbox live.

Also, I fail to see how I'm "whining", and here in the UK its £50 a year, or $100 if you'd like, or $8.33 a month.

Montrealien3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

I don't see people moaning about paying for xbox live, not as many as you may think anyways. Sure, a few dozen might b*tch about it here on N4G, but the reality is that millions pay and play and think it is worth it. Including me.

I pay for Live and have PSN (with a Qore subscription for Christ's sake) I enjoy them both and that's that. They both have advantages and disadvantages but they are also worth the price, or lack there off imho.

edit: and I forgot to say, they both have good variety as far content goes, and to me, that's just full of win, because variety is the spice of life. ;D

bababrooks3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

why do you pay £50 when you can get it for under £30 ?

zer0man13629d ago

IMO the online multi-player part of xbl should be part of the silver account, and if you want access to the other features like video chat, then you can upgrade to the gold account.

The reason I say this is because if you buy a game (for the xbox 360) that is heavily focused on online multi-player and you don't pay extra for xbl gold, then you just paid full price for half a game. To use the other half of your game you must pay a monthly fee, and that is BS. That is why currently I only buy exclusives for my 360. If the game is multi-platform with online multi-player ,I get it for my PS3

MazzingerZ3629d ago

Free will, those that want to pay for it, go ahead.

Personally I want to pay for a console ONLY ONCE and then just worry about games, the wife don't give a damn about if it's 1 cent or 100 EURO per day, it's an unnecessary expense in her eyes.

Thankfully the PS3 exists and I changed to that console, no more play & charge kits, new SKUs that turns my console obsolete nor waiting for the UPC guy like a kid and going late to work...nor paying 50 EURO every year for as long as I own the console...people say the PS3 is expensive, I say the X360 is the most expensive of all, the proof is that people owning a launch console has so far payed 399 + (50 XBL X 4) = 700 USD and keeps adding up...

If you buy one game per month it actually costs USD 59 + 4 you pay for XBL.

Today to play online on the PS3 is as easy as on the X360 but if people/kids can't afford/justify a PS3 of course they have no other option than to pay and that sucks.

Sitdown3629d ago

Could you explain your point about new SKU.

zethos563629d ago

I never thought about it that way because my Gold subscription lasts until December. +bubbles :)

sargas33629d ago

I wish I had not bought 2 years worth of live. when it runs out i'm done with it. I loved it at first but after awhile I couldn't see what I was paying for. They online games I muted everyone and eventually stopped playing because of all the racist, annoying, rude, and boring people on them. Most of my friends let there subscriptions laps and dot play online with xbox or have jumped over to PS3. And now PS3 has a very good online system. In fact the only thing I wish I could use is the xbox microphone. Not a fan of bluetooth cause I for get to charge it. To me we are not getting much for our money. if xbox would ban the kids playing adult games and acting offensive id be happy to play but all the "updates" play for themselves since you have to buy everything that is of any use.

IzKyD13313629d ago

50 bucks may not seem like a whole lot, but think about it, thats like 5 arcade games, or a retail game in itself

power of Green 3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

MSFT gets more online support from devs because they pay to run online and devs are more willing to create online function(The unified universal identity and stats/scores/invites/etc features are not offered by MSFT's competition).

It's not just the Multiplayer gameplay, gamers are paying for a XBL account. Either haters don't know about some of the offerings or do not mention them when complaining about something they do not have to worry about.

Devs pay for Sony's online, it is up to a devs to keep old ass games online; if they wan't to or not lol.

XBL is on another level.

"From my point of view, I bought the console, bought the game, bought my internet subscription etc this in my eyes should be enough"

^^^ You're in here deffending your console of choice, making excuses and putting your own flawed logic on others people that are actually fans of the console. This is why you feel this way and posted first in here.

MazzingerZ3628d ago


Is it needed? HDMI output introduced during 2007 for the premium, Falcon chipset for the Elite and 120 HD during summer 2007...and now game installs which in order to enjoy you must either "upgrade" to the new 60 GB-HDMI SKU or buy a 120 GB HD that costs (at least) the double of what you pay for a HD of the same storage capacity for the PS3.

But like I wrote, Free will

Stubacca3628d ago

If 360 owners are happy to pay for an online service, then I say let them. However, the silly charge for playing online certainly puts me off from ever using Live again.

Why pay for something every other company offers for free?

I agree with Fishy Fingers, if you buy the console, game and internet connection, what right do they have to charge you to play online?

The Mikester3628d ago

They should make it free b/c some people are actually tired of paying just to have some crappy online service when its just not worth it.

shelbygt333628d ago

Actually, 50 British pounds = 93.33 U.S. dollars


IcarusOne3628d ago

Has everyone forgotten about the media? First off, there's droves of free TV shows and videos, most of which can be downloaded in HD.

Next, there's the plethora of PPV content, such as movies and more TV shows. All in HD. I downloaded The Orphanage and it was one of the most intense experiences of my life. Never had to leave my couch. Only cost me 5 bucks. Not to mention Battlestar and Lost, should we ever miss an airing. This to me is not something to b*tch about. This is awesomeness that should be celebrated.

PSN doesn't do any of this. It's slowly catching up, but so far, Live has been well worth the cost and several leagues ahead of the competition. (I'm not including AppleTV in that.)

BigPenguin3628d ago

PSN does not have the free content(and correct me if i am wrong, but cant you only enjoy the free content if you have a gold subscription? so its not actually free.) However it(PSN) does have all the PPV TV shows and movies.

Megatron083628d ago

It kind of funny that the people that complain about the paying for XBL are ps3 fanboys and have never payed for it in the 1st place. Its also a bit funny that over half over all 360 onwers pay for XBL and less the 1/3 of ps3 owner will even log in to the free psn in. So its obvious that more people think XBL is worth paying for then there are that think psn is worth having for free

If you cant afford to pay 2 dollar or less a month for XBL you need a new hobby maybe bird watching its less the 2 dollars a month I'm sure.

The Lazy One3628d ago

It is their single biggest profit area with the 360. They make so much money off XBLM, XBLA, and XBL Gold it's ridiculous.

I'd say a price cut is not impossible though. Something that would be nice would be to give free XBL for a month or so with new games that work on XBL. They did this a lot on the original xbox. I actually didn't pay for a full year until this april and I've been using live since launch. I had something like 3 12 month free cards, and a few 1-3 month cards all from games I bought on the original xbox.

Going back to something like that would definitely make people a lot more eager to get on XBL. They still get money from all the games they'd sell (I'd probably buy a lot more games if this was the case), they'd increase sales quite a bit with the hardcore, who would probably see it as at least a $4 gift certificate off games if they already bought 10+ games a year.

I can honestly see nothing bad about having incentives to buy more games for free XBL.

AAACE53628d ago

I pay for live as well! It seems like something small to me because when I renew my subscription, I buy the box with all the extra little things. So in a way it drops the price a little bit, and gives me a few things I can use. But it is time for MS to consider dropping the price or making it free, since the competition is slowly catching up with similar features for free!

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bumnut3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

it should be free, what does xbl offer that you can't get for free on other platforms?

if all the movie downloads and music video downloads were included it would be good.

but to charge £40 a year and having nothing included for free is a rip off

kinggeoff3629d ago

less than the price of a coffee every day on the way in to work.

how can we live with this tyranny?!?


Bubble Buddy3629d ago

I never liked people saying "oh it's only $1 a day for XBL". To be fair, that's like saying you can buy a PS3, it's not expensive, only $33 a month or a dollar a day for a year.

player9113629d ago

Live isn't $1 a day... no way. Its about $50 a year and thats the expensive price. If you look online you can find Live for $30 or less.

Regardless, Live isn't more then a few bucks a month. Your spending $50 a year not $365 ($1 a day). Big difference.

When I purchased my Live subscription I only paid $29 for it, which is like $2.41 a month... or 7 cents a day.

Big deal. We're gamers. We spend thousands of dollars to play the latest and greatest games. I have a modest collection of games that I bought for $50. I have over $1000 invested in my 360 for the sole purpose of playing and being entertained. I haven't even had the 360 for 1 year yet. Do you really think that I bellyache about spending 7 cents more a day to get the best experience out of it?

When the Graphics Card in your PC costs more then your whole PC... you might be a gamer.

Dopee3629d ago

It has never been the amount that MS charge for live that has been the problem with me, it's the principle of charging for something that should be free that I don't agree with!
But as long as people keep paying in their masses (and it really is masses), MS just won't drop the charge for a gold subscription. They could probably even get away with increasing the price if the really wanted, I expect a majority would still pay the increased price!

f7897903629d ago

The reason people complain about paying is because they should have to. Thats it. Sure its cheap if you divide the price in to 12 months but we spend so much money on games that every penny counts.

Nineball21123629d ago

Quote: "It has never been the amount that MS charge for live that has been the problem with me, it's the principle of charging for something that should be free that I don't agree with!"

+1 Exactly right. Bubbles for you.

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edhe3629d ago

Why would anyone be complaining about £50 a year when you can get it for £25? O_o

Anyone that compains about that should really get a headcheck.

ice_prophecy3629d ago

You would be surprised at how many more people would be paying the 50 without knowing any better. In many cases, the person funding the LIVE services is a parent, and they may or may not know about alternatives to just entering their credit card. Besides, its convenient and fuss free. With all the things and responsibility a parent has to go through each day, the last thing I'd want to worry about is bargain hunting for recharge cards or whatever they call them.

edhe3629d ago

Good point.


I also feel that they really need to bring in another level of service - console accounts. Specifically angled for the family.

Anyone on that console gets gold, but if they take their profile to another it won't be unless they have a gold account.

Cenobia3629d ago

£25 is approximately $50 US, so really you're only paying what everyone else is paying by not purchasing it from Microsoft directly.

Most people aren't really arguing about the price, they're saying it should be offered for free. If you think about it, it's a little ridiculous to have to pay for a service that has always been free (after paying your internet service provider), until the xbox came along.

I'm not arguing that its a better online experience, but when Sony is nipping at Microsoft's heels in the online department, and PC gaming is at least the same if not better, why are they still charging?

Maybe next generation they'll offer it for free again (I can see how making it free at this point may be difficult).

ice_prophecy3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

I think I've said this many times before.

For myself, the cost is not neccessarily the only issue. One of my issues is that they charge similar prices in different regions where the services provided in each region is clearly different.

One prime example is the video store. It is not available in all regions, yet I am still expected to pay relatively the same price as our American neighbours. Even if the service is provided, Australia's internet infrastructure is far from great, and I wouldn't be able to download those large files and enjoy those features.

Microsoft need to scale their prices for each region based on what services is available, and based on the conversion. 50$ US may seem small, but in many countries it is a big deal. Don't take for granted that there are some families that are able to make 50$ last a month in some countries.

Naturally, I am talking about extremes of the spectrum here.

King Me3628d ago

What I DO have a problem with them is,they don't allow Silver Members to play Online.

That's about it from me,charge people for Gold Accounts,give them extra content etc.All I ask is,let me be able to play with my friends Online with a Silver Account.